Article 2(2)


Provisions of the Act coming into force on 31st July 2006 for the purposes of article 2 of this Order

Provision of the ActSubject matter
Section 16Licence requirement
Section 17Persons to whom licence applies
Section 18Duty of the designated individual
Section 19Right to reconsideration of licensing decision
Section 20Appeals committee
Section 21Procedure on reconsideration
Section 22Appeal on a point of law
Section 23Conduct of licensed activities
Section 24Changes of licence circumstances
Section 37Directions
Section 39Criminal justice purposes
Section 40Religious relics
Section 41Interpretation of Part 2
Section 44Surplus tissue
Section 52Orders and regulations
Section 53Relevant material
Section 54General interpretation
Section 58Transition
Schedule 3Licences for the purpose of section 16