PART 1Citation, commencement, revocation and interpretation

Citation, commencement and revocation

1.—(1) These rules may be cited as the Care of Cathedrals Rules 2006.

(2) These rules, other than rule 16, Schedule 1 and Forms 16, 17 and 18 in Schedule 2, shall come into force on the day appointed under section 20(3) of the Care of Cathedrals (Amendment) Measure 2005 for the coming into force of section 1 of that Measure.

(3) Rule 16, Schedule 1 and Forms 16, 17 and 18 in Schedule 2 shall come into force on the day specified in paragraph (2) above or, if later, on the coming into force of an order under section 2(2) of the Treasure Act 1996(1) relating to any category of objects found within the precinct of a cathedral.

(4) The Care of Cathedrals Rules 1990(2) are hereby revoked.


2.—(1) In these rules—

“administrator” means the “administrator of the cathedral” being the person, by whatever name called, appointed under section 9(1)(e) of the Cathedrals Measure 1999(3) or during the absence or illness of the administrator, a person approved by the Chapter;

“chair” and “vice-chair” mean the chairman or the vice-chairman (within the meaning of Schedules 1 and 2 to the Measure) of the Commission or the fabric advisory committee respectively;

“the Commission” means the Cathedrals Fabric Commission for England constituted by section 3;

“Commission of Review” means a Commission of Review constituted under section 10;

“corporate body” means the body established under section 9(1)(a) of the Cathedrals Measure 1999;

“Dean of the Arches and Auditor” includes a person appointed under section 10(3)(a) of the Measure;

“English Heritage” means the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England known as English Heritage;

“the Measure” means the Care of Cathedrals Measure 1990(4) as amended by the Care of Cathedrals (Amendment) Measure 2005;

“national amenity societies” means the Ancient Monuments Society, the Council for British Archaeology, the Georgian Group, the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, the Victorian Society and the Twentieth Century Society and such other body as may from time to time be designated by the Dean of the Arches and Auditor as a national amenity society for the purpose of the Measure;

“precinct” in relation to a cathedral church means the precinct for the time being indicated on the plan required for that cathedral church by section 13 of the Measure;

“provincial registrar” means the registrar of the province in which the cathedral church concerned is situated;

“section” means a section of the Measure as defined in this rule.

(2) The Interpretation Measure 1925(5) and the Interpretation Act 1978(6) shall apply for the interpretation of these rules as they apply for the interpretation of Measures passed by the General Synod.