Contents of Admission Register

5.—(1) The admission register for every school shall contain an index in alphabetical order of all the pupils at the school and shall also contain the following particulars in respect of every such pupil—

(a)name in full;


(c)the name and address of every person known to the proprietor of the school to be a parent of the pupil and, against the entry on the register of the particulars of any parent with whom the pupil normally resides, an indication of that fact and a note of at least one telephone number at which the parent can be contacted in an emergency;

(d)day, month and year of birth;

(e)day, month and year of admission or re-admission to the school; and

(f)name and address of the school last attended, if any.

(2) In the case of every school which includes boarding pupils a statement as to whether each pupil of compulsory school age is a boarder or a day pupil shall be added to the particulars specified in paragraph (1), and that statement shall be amended accordingly where a registered pupil at the school becomes or ceases to be a boarder at the school.

(3) For the purposes of this regulation only a pupil is a pupil at the school from the beginning of the first day on which the school has agreed, or has been notified, that the pupil will attend the school.