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    The Sheep and Goats (Records, Identification and Movement) (Wales) Order 20062006 No. 1036 (W. 106)Wales Statutory Instruments
    Gorchymyn Defaid a Geifr (Cofnodion, Adnabod a Symud) (Cymru) 2006
    The Bridgend (Brackla and Coity Higher) Order 20062006 No. 1064 (W. 110)Wales Statutory Instruments
    Gorchymyn Pen–y–bont ar Ogwr (Bracla a Choety Uchaf) 2006
    The Tuberculosis (Wales) Order 20062006 No. 1053 (W. 109)Wales Statutory Instruments
    Gorchymyn Twbercwlosis (Cymru) 2006
    The Non-Domestic Rating (Alteration of Lists and Appeals) (Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 20062006 No. 1035 (W. 105)Wales Statutory Instruments
    Rheoliadau Ardrethu Annomestig (Newid Rhestri ac Apelau) (Cymru) (Diwygio) 2006
    The National Assistance (Assessment of Resources and Sums for Personal Requirements) (Amendment) (Wales) Regulations 20062006 No. 1051 (W. 107)Wales Statutory Instruments
    Rheoliadau Cymorth Gwladol (Asesu Adnoddau a Symiau at Anghenion Personol) (Diwygio) (Cymru) 2006
    The Town and Country Planning (Fees for Applications and Deemed Applications) (Amendment No.2) (Wales) Regulations 20062006 No. 1052 (W. 108)Wales Statutory Instruments
    Rheoliadau Cynllunio Gwlad a Thref (Ffioedd Am Geisiadau a Cheisiadau Tybiedig) (Diwygio Rhif 2) (Cymru) 2006
    The A74 Trunk Road (Carlisle to Guards Mill Section) (Detrunking) Order 20062006 No. 1096UK Statutory Instruments
    The Air Navigation (Dangerous Goods) (Amendment) Regulations 20062006 No. 1092UK Statutory Instruments
    The Allocation of Housing and Homelessness (Amendment) (England) Regulations 20062006 No. 1093UK Statutory Instruments
    The Beer, Cider and Perry, Spirits, and Wine and Made-wine (Amendment) Regulations 20062006 No. 1058UK Statutory Instruments
    The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 (Commencement No.2, Transitional Provisions and Savings) (England and Wales) (Amendment) Order 20062006 No. 1002 (C. 31)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Communications Act 2003 (Maximum Penalty for Persistent Misuse of Network or Service) Order 20062006 No. 1032UK Statutory Instruments
    The Community Order (Review by Specified Courts in Liverpool and Salford) Order 20062006 No. 1006UK Statutory Instruments
    The Community Trade Mark Regulations 20062006 No. 1027UK Statutory Instruments
    The Constitutional Reform Act 2005 (Commencement No. 5) Order 20062006 No. 1014 (C. 33)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Copyright (Gibraltar) Revocation Order 20062006 No. 1039UK Statutory Instruments
    The Courts Act 2003 (Consequential Amendment) Order 20062006 No. 1001UK Statutory Instruments
    The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 (Suspension of Custody Officer Certificate) (Amendment) Regulations 20062006 No. 1050UK Statutory Instruments
    The Cross-Border Insolvency Regulations 20062006 No. 1030UK Statutory Instruments
    The Disability Discrimination (Guidance on the Definition of Disability) Appointed Day Order 20062006 No. 1005UK Statutory Instruments

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