PART 7Records and Returns

Producer and transport records

Consignee and self-disposal quarterly returns

53.—(1) Every consignee shall make a return, in these Regulations referred to as a consignee quarterly return, to the Agency of information relating to all consignments of hazardous waste received by him in any quarter in accordance with paragraph (4).

(2) The return shall include—

(a)rejected consignments;

(b)hazardous waste delivered by pipeline where regulation 41 applies; and

(c)in the case of multiple collections, each individual consignment collected.

(3) Where in any quarter hazardous waste is disposed of by depositing it within the curtilage of the premises at which it is produced, the producer shall make a return in respect of that quarter of information relating to the deposit to the Agency (including the consignment code), in accordance with paragraph (4).

(4) A return to be made pursuant to this regulation in respect of a quarter shall be made no later than the time specified in the right hand column of the table below in relation to the quarter specified in the left hand column:

Quarter in which the hazardous waste was received, or deposited, as the case may beReturn to be received by the Agency not later than
Ending on 31st March30st April in the same year as the quarter falls
Ending on 30th June31st July in the same year as the quarter falls
Ending on 30th September31st October in the same year as the quarter falls
Ending on 31st December31st January in the year next following the year in which the quarter falls

(5) The Agency may prescribe a format for returns to be made under this regulation and, where for the time being a format is prescribed pursuant to this paragraph—

(a)the Agency shall publish the format on its website and in such other manner as it may consider appropriate for informing persons required to submit such returns of its content; and

(b)the Agency shall not be obliged to consider a return as properly made for the purposes of these Regulations unless it is made in that format, or in a format substantially to like effect.

(6) If the Agency prescribe a fee payable by a consignee by charging scheme made under section 41 of the Environment Act 1995 as a means of recovering its costs incurred in performing functions in relation to the consignments included on the consignee quarterly returns, a consignee may recover from a consignor any fees paid under these Regulations in relation to consignments sent by that consignor.