The Docklands Light Railway (Capacity Enhancement) Order 2005

Power to lop trees overhanging authorised works

38.—(1) DLRL may fell or lop any tree or shrub near any part of the authorised works, or cut back its roots, if it reasonably believes it to be necessary to do so to prevent the tree or shrub—

(a)from obstructing or interfering with the construction, maintenance or operation of the authorised works or any apparatus used for the purposes of the authorised works; or

(b)from constituting a danger to passengers or other persons using the authorised works.

(2) In exercising the powers in paragraph (1), DLRL shall do no unnecessary damage to any tree or shrub and shall pay compensation to any person for any loss or damage arising from the exercise of those powers.

(3) Nothing in this article shall be taken to affect the application of any tree preservation order made under section 198 of the 1990 Act.

(4) Any dispute as to a person’s entitlement to compensation under paragraph (2), or as to the amount of the compensation, shall be determined under Part I of the 1961 Act.