The Health and Social Care (Community Health and Standards) Act 2003 Commencement (No. 8) Order 2005

Repeals relating to primary dental services, general dental services, section 28C arrangements and the Dental Practice Board

11.—(1) 1st April 2006 is the day appointed for the coming into force of the repeals relating to the enactments mentioned in Part 4 of Schedule 14 to the Act which are referred to in paragraph (2) and in so far as they are not already in force, and section 196 of the Act in so far as it relates to those enactments.

(2) The enactments specified for the purposes of paragraph (1) are—

(a)the Parliamentary Commissioner Act 1967(1);

(b)the House of Commons Disqualification Act 1975(2);

(c)the Race Relations Act 1976(3);

(d)in the 1977 Act, sections 5(1A), 28G, 35 to 37, 43ZA(3)(b), 43D(10)(b), 44(A2), (B1), (3)(c) to (d) and (5), 45(1ZA)(b) and (1A), 49F(1)(c), 49H(1)(a), 56(b), 72(5)(a), 78, 81(b), 82(b), 83(b), 85(1)(e), 98, 99(1)(f), 100(1)(e), 102(1)(a)(iv), 102(2)(c), 103(1)(a), 128(1), Schedule 1 and Schedule 12;

(e)the National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1978(4);

(f)the Health Services Act 1980(5);

(g)the Health and Social Services and Social Security Adjudications Act 1983(6);

(h)the Dentists Act 1984(7);

(i)the Health and Social Security Act 1984(8);

(j)the Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988(9);

(k)the Health and Medicines Act 1988(10);

(l)the National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990(11);

(m)the Health Authorities Act 1995(12);

(n)the Employment Rights Act 1996(13);

(o)in the National Health Service (Primary Care) Act 1997(14), Part 1, sections 24(1), 40(1) and (3) and Schedule 2, paragraphs 12, 16 to 19, 24, 25 and 72;

(p)the Health Act 1999(15);

(q)the National Assembly for Wales (Transfer of Functions) Order 1999(16);

(r)the Freedom of Information Act 2000(17);

(s)the Health and Social Care Act 2001(18); and

(t)the National Health Service Reform and Health Care Professions Act 2002(19).