The Motor Cars (Driving Instruction) Regulations 2005

  1. Introductory Text

  2. PART 1 Preliminary

    1. 1.Citation and commencement

    2. 2.Interpretation

  3. PART 2 Examination of Ability to Give Instruction

    1. 3.General provisions

    2. 4.Candidate to produce particulars

    3. 5.Written examination

    4. 6.Driving ability and fitness test

    5. 7.Instructional ability and fitness test

    6. 8.Motor car to be provided for practical part of examination

  4. PART 3 The Register

    1. 9.Additional conditions for entry of name on register

    2. 10.Additional conditions for removal of names from the register

    3. 11.Additional condition for retention of names on the register

  5. PART 4 Test of Continued Ability and Fitness to Give Instruction

    1. 12.Nature of test and provision of a motor car

  6. PART 5 Licences under Section 129 of the Act

    1. 13.Additional conditions to be satisfied for the grant of a licence

    2. 14.Duration of licence

    3. 15.Conditions subject to which licences are granted

    4. 16.Form of licences

  7. PART 6 Supplementary

    1. 17.Fees

    2. 18.Official title of registered person and certificate of registration

    3. 19.Form of badge

    4. 20.Exhibition of certificate of registration or licence

    5. 21.Emergency control assessment

    6. 22.Revocations and transitional provisions

  8. Signature

    1. SCHEDULE 1


      1. 1.A. Vehicle Safety Checks

      2. 2.The components are: tyres, steering, brakes, lights, reflectors, direction indicators,...

      3. 3.B. Preparation to drive

      4. 4.Adjust rear view mirrors, head restraint and seat belt.

      5. 5.Check that the doors are closed.

      6. 6.C. Technical control of the vehicle

      7. 7.Accelerate to a suitable speed while maintaining a straight course,...

      8. 8.Adjust speed to negotiate left or right turns at junctions,...

      9. 9.Brake accurately to stop where directed, if need be by...

      10. 10.Perform the following manoeuvres— (a) reverse in a straight line...

      11. 11.D. Behaviour in traffic

      12. 12.Communicate with other road users using the authorised means.

      13. 13.React appropriately in actual risk situations.

      14. 14.Comply with road traffic regulations and the instructions of the...

      15. 15.Move off from the kerb or a parking space.

      16. 16.Drive with the vehicle correctly positioned on the road, adjusting...

      17. 17.Keep the right distance between vehicles.

      18. 18.Change lanes.

      19. 19.Pass parked or stationary vehicles and obstacles.

      20. 20.Approach and cross junctions.

      21. 21.Turn right and left at junctions or to leave the...

      22. 22.Where the opportunity arises— (a) Pass oncoming vehicles, including in...

      23. E. Alighting from vehicle

    2. SCHEDULE 2


      1. PART 1 Matters to be Included in Practical Driving Instruction Training

        1. 1.Explaining the controls of the vehicle, including the use of...

        2. 2.Moving off.

        3. 3.Making normal stops.

        4. 4.Reversing, and while doing so entering limited openings to the...

        5. 5.Turning to face the opposite direction, using forward and reverse...

        6. 6.Parking close to the kerb, using forward and reverse gears....

        7. 7.Using mirrors and explaining how to make an emergency stop....

        8. 8.Approaching and turning corners.

        9. 9.Judging speed and making normal progress.

        10. 10.Road positioning.

        11. 11.Dealing with road junctions.

        12. 12.Dealing with crossroads.

        13. 13.Dealing with pedestrian crossings.

        14. 14.Meeting, crossing the path of, overtaking and allowing clearance for...

        15. 15.Giving correct signals.

        16. 16.Comprehension of traffic signs, including road markings and traffic control...

        17. 17.Method, clarity, adequacy and correctness of instruction.

        18. 18.Observation and correction of errors committed by the pupil.

        19. 19.Manner, patience and tact in dealing with the pupil.

        20. 20.Ability to inspire confidence in the pupil.

      2. PART 2 Evidence of Training to be Given to Registrar

        1. 1.The name and address of the licence holder.

        2. 2.The number of the licence.

        3. 3.The name and address of the approved driving instructor responsible...

        4. 4.The name of the person or organisation undertaking the training...

        5. 5.The matters included in the training.

        6. 6.The dates on which training was given.

        7. 7.The number of hours of training spent on each matter....

    3. SCHEDULE 3


      1. 1.The name and address of the licence holder.

      2. 2.The number of the licence.

      3. 3.The name and address of the approved driving instructor responsible...

      4. 4.In respect of each working day— (a) the date;

    4. SCHEDULE 4


      1. PART 1 Forms of Licence under section 129(2)(a) of the Act

      2. PART 2 Form of Licence under section 129(2)(b) of the Act

    5. SCHEDULE 5


      1. PART 1 Form of Certificate of Registration under section 125(3) of the Act

      2. PART 2 Form of Certificate of Registration under section 125A(5) of the Act

    6. SCHEDULE 6


    7. SCHEDULE 7


  9. Explanatory Note