The Midland Metro (Birmingham City Centre Extension, etc.) Order 2005

Power to keep apparatus in streets

10.—(1) The Executive may, subject to article 9(4)(d), for the purposes of or in connection with the construction, maintenance and use of any authorised street tramway, place and maintain in any street in which the tramway is, or is to be laid and in any street having a junction with such a street any work, equipment or apparatus including but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, foundations, platforms, road islands, substations, electric lines and any electrical or other apparatus.

(2) In this article—

(a)“apparatus” has the same meaning as in Part III of the 1991 Act;

(b)“electric line” has the meaning given by section 64(1) of the Electricity Act 1989(1); and

(c)the reference to any work, equipment or apparatus in a street includes a reference to any work, equipment or apparatus under, over, along or upon the street.