Regulation 23

SCHEDULE 1Provisions of the Principal Regulations to be Revoked

Provision to be revokedExtent of Revocation
Regulation 2(1)

The definitions of:

“Community Health Council”

“doctor’s list”

“doctors' terms of service”

“medical list”

“Medical Regulations”

“personal medical services”

“pilot scheme”

“pilot scheme provider”

Regulation 2Athe entire regulation
Regulation 12paragraph 2A
Regulation 13(2)(a)Sub paragraph (iii)
Regulation 19the entire regulation
Regulation 21Athe entire regulation
Regulation 24(2)the words “, or to a doctor who provides pharmaceutical services”
Schedule 2 paragraph 1(2)the definition of “repeatable prescribing doctor”
Schedule 2 paragraph 13(3)the entire sub-paragraph
Schedule 2 paragraph 15the entire sub-paragraph