5.—(1) The provisions of the 2003 Act listed in paragraph (2) shall come into force on 27th February 2004.

(2) The provisions referred to in paragraph (1) are—

(a)sections 167, 168(3) to (5), and 169 to 173 (sentencing and allocation guidelines);

(b)section 285 (increase in penalties for certain driving-related offences);

(c)section 332 (repeals) in so far as it relates to the entry in Schedule 37 referred to in sub-paragraph (e);

(d)section 324 and Schedule 34 (parenting orders and referral orders);

(e)in Part 7 of Schedule 37 (repeals), the entry relating to sections 80 and 81 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998(1);

(f)section 333(6) (supplementary and consequential provision etc) in so far as it relates to the provisions referred to in sub-paragraph (g); and

(g)in Schedule 38 (transitory, transitional and saving provisions), paragraphs 2 and 3.