The Environmental Information Regulations 2004

Refusal to disclose information

This section has no associated Explanatory Memorandum

14.—(1) If a request for environmental information is refused by a public authority under regulations 12(1) or 13(1), the refusal shall be made in writing and comply with the following provisions of this regulation.

(2) The refusal shall be made as soon as possible and no later than 20 working days after the date of receipt of the request.

(3) The refusal shall specify the reasons not to disclose the information requested, including—

(a)any exception relied on under regulations 12(4), 12(5) or 13; and

(b)the matters the public authority considered in reaching its decision with respect to the public interest under regulation 12(1)(b) or, where these apply, regulations 13(2)(a)(ii) or 13(3).

(4) If the exception in regulation 12(4)(d) is specified in the refusal, the authority shall also specify, if known to the public authority, the name of any other public authority preparing the information and the estimated time in which the information will be finished or completed.

(5) The refusal shall inform the applicant—

(a)that he may make representations to the public authority under regulation 11; and

(b)of the enforcement and appeal provisions of the Act applied by regulation 18.