The Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations 2004

Revocation or variation of licences

10.—(1) Subject to the provisions of the Schedule the licensing authority may at any time revoke or vary a licence—

(a)on application being made to it by the licence-holder;

(b)if there has been a contravention of any condition attached to the licence;

(c)if any information supplied by the holder of the licence is false in any material particular; or

(d)if it considers such a revocation or variation necessary to ensure safety.

(2) The provisions of regulation 4(a) and (b) shall apply to an application for the variation of a licence as if the references in that regulation to an application for a licence were references to an application for the variation.

(3) Where a licence is revoked or varied pursuant to this regulation—

(a)the licensing authority shall give notice in writing or electronic form to the licence-holder informing him of the revocation or, as the case may be, giving details of the variation; and

(b)the licence-holder shall, if so required by the licensing authority, return the licence to the authority and the authority shall, if the licence is to be varied, reissue the licence to the licence-holder in a varied form.