The Medicines for Human Use (Clinical Trials) Regulations 2004

Construction of references to specified publications

53.—(1) Where any authorisation granted under these Regulations refers to a specified publication, but not to any particular edition of that publication, then, for the purpose of determining whether anything done, at a time when the authorisation is in force, is done in accordance with the authorisation, the reference shall, unless the authorisation otherwise expressly provides, be construed as a reference to the current edition of that publication as in force at that time.

(2) In this regulation any reference to the current edition of a specified publication as in force at a particular time is a reference to the edition of that publication in force, under whatever title, at that time together with any amendments, additions and deletions made to it up to that time.

(3) In this regulation, “specified publication” has the meaning given by section 103(1) of the Act(1).


Section 103 was amended by section 22(1) of the Health and Medicines Act 1988 (c. 49).