The Energy Information (Household Electric Ovens) Regulations 2003

Test purchases

7.—(1) An enforcement authority shall have power, for the purpose of ascertaining whether any provision of these Regulations has been contravened, to purchase, or to authorise an officer of the authority to purchase, any regulated household electric oven.

(2) Where—

(a)a regulated household electric oven purchased under this paragraph on behalf of an enforcement authority is submitted to a test;

(b)the test leads to the bringing of proceedings in respect of an offence under these Regulations; and

(c)the authority is requested to do so and it is practicable for the authority to comply with the request,

the authority shall allow the person from whom the oven was purchased or any person who is a party to the proceedings or has an interest in the oven to have the oven tested.

(3) A test of a regulated household electric oven purchased under this paragraph, or seized or detained under paragraph 8 (power to enter premises and seize or detain regulated household electric ovens etc.), shall be carried out in accordance with the test procedures of the harmonised standards.