The Copyright and Related Rights Regulations 2003

Further amendments resulting from Directive 93/98/EEC

18.—(1) In section 79(3) for the words from “vested” to the end of the subsection there shall be substituted “vested in the author’s or director’s employer by virtue of section 11(2) (works produced in the course of employment).”.

(2) In section 82(1)(a) after the word “author's” there shall be inserted “ or director's” and the words from “or”, appearing after the word “employment)”, to the end of the paragraph shall be omitted.

(3) Paragraph 12(3) of Schedule 1 shall be amended as follows—

(a)in paragraph (b) for the words “section 12(2)” there shall be substituted “section 12(3)”;

(b)for the words “section 12(1)” there shall be substituted “section 12(2)”;

(c)for the words “plus 50” there shall be substituted “plus 70”.