Nurses Agencies Regulations 2002

Regulation 17


Records relating to supply of nurses

1.  Copies of all agreements between the agency and nurses supplied or to be supplied by the agency and evidence that a copy of any standard terms and conditions has been supplied by the agency to each nurse.

2.  Details of the remuneration payable to each nurse who is employed by the agency and her conditions of employment.

3.  Copies of any statement given to a service user setting out the qualifications and relevant experience of a nurse supplied to that service user.

4.  An alphabetical index of service users, including the full name, address and telephone number of each of them and any serial numbers assigned to them.

5.  An alphabetical index of nurses supplied or available for supply by the agency, including any serial numbers assigned to them.

6.  Details of each supply of a nurse to a service user.

7.  Where the agency is acting as an employment business and a nurse is supplied to provide nursing care in the private residence of a service user or patient, details of—

(a)the illness or disability from which the patient is suffering;

(b)the name and address of the patient’s general medical practitioner;

(c)other health professionals from whom the patient is receiving treatment;

(d)the patient’s next of kin;

(e)the patient’s religion;

(f)other occupants at the property where nursing will be provided; and

(g)the nursing plan devised for the patient and a detailed record of the nursing care provided.

Other records

1.  All information provided to the Commission for the purposes of registration in relation to the agency.

2.  Details of every allegation of abuse—

(a)against a nurse; or

(b)by a nurse (which is not the subject of a complaint made under regulation 18),

who is employed by the agency, including details of the investigations made, the outcome and any action taken in consequence.