The Electronic Signatures Regulations 2002

(Regulation 2)

SCHEDULE 1(Annex I to the Directive)


Qualified certificates must contain:

(a)an indication that the certificate is issued as a qualified certificate;

(b)the identification of the certification-service-provider and the State in which it is established;

(c)the name of the signatory or a pseudonym, which shall be identified as such;

(d)provision for a specific attribute of the signatory to be included if relevant, depending on the purpose for which the certificate is intended;

(e)signature-verification data which correspond to signature-creation data under the control of the signatory;

(f)an indication of the beginning and end of the period of validity of the certificate;

(g)the identity code of the certificate;

(h)the advanced electronic signature of the certification-service-provider issuing it;

(i)limitations on the scope of use of the certificate, if applicable; and

(j)limits on the value of transactions for which the certificate can be used, if applicable.