The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002

Permitted variants of road markings

30.—(1) Where the circumstances in which a road marking shown in a diagram in Schedule 6 is to be placed so require or where appropriate in those circumstances, the form of the marking shall or may be varied as follows—

(a)in the manner (if any) allowed or required in item 4 of the untitled table below or beside the diagram; or

(b)in the manner allowed or required in column (3) of an item in Schedule 16, if the diagram is one whose number is given in column (2) of that item.

(2) In the road marking shown in diagram 1035, route numbers, place names and the direction in which any arrow-head points shall be varied to accord with the circumstances but the words “turn left”, “ahead” or “turn right” shall not be included in the marking.

(3) Where the form of a road marking is varied in accordance with this regulation, the information, warning, requirement, restriction, prohibition or speed limit conveyed by the marking is varied to accord with the form of marking as varied.