The Zoo Licensing Act 1981 (Amendment) (England and Wales) Regulations 2002

Amendment of the Zoo Licensing Act 1981

5.  After section 1(licensing of zoos by local authorities) insert the following section—

Conservation measures for zoos

1A.  The following are conservation measures to be implemented in zoos in accordance with this Act—

(a)participating in at least one of the following—

(i)research from which conservation benefits accrue to species of wild animals;

(ii)training in relevant conservation skills;

(iii)the exchange of information relating to the conservation of species of wild animals;

(iv)where appropriate, breeding of wild animals in captivity; and

(v)where appropriate, the repopulation of an area with, or the reintroduction into the wild of, wild animals;

(b)promoting public education and awareness in relation to the conservation of biodiversity, in particular by providing information about the species of wild animals kept in the zoo and their natural habitats;

(c)accommodating their animals under conditions which aim to satisfy the biological and conservation requirements of the species to which they belong, including—

(i)providing each animal with an environment well adapted to meet the physical, psychological and social needs of the species to which it belongs; and

(ii)providing a high standard of animal husbandry with a developed programme of preventative and curative veterinary care and nutrition;

(d)preventing the escape of animals and putting in place measures to be taken in the event of any escape or unauthorised release of animals;

(e)preventing the intrusion of pests and vermin into the zoo premises; and

(f)keeping up-to-date records of the zoo’s collection, including records of—

(i)the numbers of different animals;

(ii)acquisitions, births, deaths, disposals and escapes of animals;

(iii)the causes of any such deaths; and

(iv)the health of the animals..