Decision of panel

42.—(1) The decision of the panel may be given orally at the end of the hearing or reserved.

(2) All decisions of a panel shall be recorded forthwith in a document which records the relevant party’s professional registration number, where applicable, and save in the case of a decision by consent, shall also contain a statement of the reasons (in summary form) for its decision, and that document shall be signed and dated by the Chairman.

(3) Subject to paragraph (4), every document referred to in this rule shall be entered in the register and the FHSAA shall send a copy of the entry to each party.

(4) Where any such document refers to any evidence that has been heard in private or when a witness has given evidence in circumstances of anonymity as provided for under rule 41(4), it shall be entered in the register as the panel may direct, but copies of the complete document shall be sent to the parties together with a copy of the entry.

(5) Every copy of an entry sent to the parties under this rule shall be accompanied by a notification of their rights under section 11 of the Tribunals and Inquiries Act 1992 relating to appeals from decisions of the FHSAA and of the time within which and place at which such appeal shall be made.

(6) Except where a decision is announced at the end of the hearing, it shall be treated as having been made on the date on which a copy of the document recording it is sent to the appellant, or the applicant Health Authority, as the case may be.