Action by respondent on receipt of notice of application

23.—(1) A person who receives from the FHSAA a copy of an application against him in accordance with rule 29(3) (“the respondent”) shall send or deliver to the FHSAA a written reply acknowledging receipt of that application and setting out—

(a)his full name and address and, where applicable, his professional registration number;

(b)the professional registration number of the applicant, where applicable;

(c)whether or not he intends to resist the application and if so, a concise statement of the grounds on which he relies in resisting it;

(d)the name and address and the profession of his representative, if any, and whether the FHSAA should send notices concerning the application to the representative instead of to the respondent.

(2) The respondent may include in his reply a request for further particulars of the application.

(3) Every such reply shall be signed by the respondent or his representative and shall be delivered to the FHSAA not later than 21 days after the date on which the notification of the application was sent to him by the FHSAA.

(4) A reply which is received by the FHSAA after the time appointed by this rule which contains reasons on which the respondent relies for justifying the delay shall be deemed to include an application for an extension of the time so appointed.

(5) A respondent who has not delivered a written reply shall not be entitled to take any part in the proceedings before the panel on the application except—

(a)to apply for an extension of time for presenting a reply;

(b)to apply for a direction that the applicant provide further particulars relevant to the application;

(c)to be called as a witness by another party; and

(d)to be sent a copy of a decision or corrected decision.