The Human Rights Act 1998 (Designated Derogation) Order 2001

  1. Introductory Text

  2. 1.Citation and commencement

  3. 2.Designation of proposed derogation

  4. Signature



      1. Proposed notification of the United Kingdom’s derogation from Article 5 (1)

        1. The United Kingdom Permanent Representative to the Council of Europe...

        2. Public emergency in the United Kingdom

        3. The threat from international terrorism is a continuing one. In...

        4. There exists a terrorist threat to the United Kingdom from...

        5. As a result, a public emergency, within the meaning of...

        6. The Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security [Act 2001]

        7. The extended power of arrest and detention in the Anti-terrorism,...

        8. Domestic law powers of detention (other than under the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security [Act 2001])

        9. Article 5(1)(f) of the Convention

        10. In some cases, where the intention remains to remove or...

        11. Derogation under Article 15 of the Convention

        12. Dated

  6. Explanatory Note