The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Transitional Provisions) (Partly Completed Procedures) Order 2001

Appeal from determination of interim tribunal

62.—(1) Where a person in discipline or the Authority is aggrieved by the determination by the interim tribunal of the incomplete disciplinary proceedings to which that person was subject immediately before commencement, that person or the Authority may refer the matter to the Financial Services and Markets Tribunal.

(2) Section 133 applies to the Tribunal when it is considering a reference made under paragraph (1) with the following modifications—

(a)as if subsection (3) provided that on such a reference, the Tribunal may consider only the evidence that was considered by the interim tribunal unless fresh evidence comes to light which could not reasonably have been made available to the interim tribunal by the party now seeking to adduce it;

(b)as if subsection (4) provided that on determining a reference from an interim tribunal the Tribunal must decide whether the determination of the interim tribunal was unlawful or was not justified by the evidence and must remit the matter to the Authority with such directions (if any) as the Tribunal considers appropriate having regard to its decision;

(c)as if subsections (6), (7), (8), (9) and (12) did not apply.

(3) Article 60 applies to the power of the Tribunal under this article, and to the Authority in giving effect to a direction from the Tribunal as it applies to directions given by the interim tribunal under article 58 and to the action of the Authority in giving effect to such directions.