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    The Primary Care Trusts (Membership, Procedure and Administration Arrangements) Amendment (England) Regulations 20012001 No. 2631UK Statutory Instruments
    The Health Authorities (Membership and Procedure) Amendment (England) (No. 2) Regulations 20012001 No. 2630UK Statutory Instruments
    The National Health Service Trusts (Membership and Procedure) Amendment (England) Regulations 20012001 No. 2629UK Statutory Instruments
    The Import and Export Restrictions (Foot-and-Mouth Disease) (Wales) (No.9) (Amendment) Regulations 20012001 No. 2628 (W. 217)Wales Statutory Instruments
    Rheoliadau Cyfyngiadau Mewnforio ac Allforio (Clwy'r Traed a'r Genau) (Cymru) (Rhif 9) (Diwygio) 2001
    The Foot-and-Mouth Disease (Marking of Meat, Meat Products, Minced Meat and Meat Preparations) (Wales) (No. 2) Regulations 20012001 No. 2627 (W. 216)Wales Statutory Instruments
    Rheoliadau Clwy'r Traed a'r Genau (Marcio Cig, Cynhyrchion Cig, Briwgig a Pharatoadau Cig) (Cymru) (Rhif 2) 2001
    The Health and Safety (Fees) Regulations 20012001 No. 2626UK Statutory Instruments
    The County Council of Hampshire (Norris Bridge Gyratory—Norris Bridge, Pyestock) Scheme 2000 Confirmation Instrument 20012001 No. 2625UK Statutory Instruments
    The District of Rochford (Electoral Changes) Order 20012001 No. 2624UK Statutory Instruments
    The Import and Export Restrictions (Foot-and-Mouth Disease) (No. 9) (Amendment) Regulations 20012001 No. 2623UK Statutory Instruments
    Education (Teacher Training Bursaries) (England) Regulations 20012001 No. 2622UK Statutory Instruments
    The Education (Teacher Training Hardship Grants) (England) (No. 2) Regulations 20012001 No. 2621UK Statutory Instruments
    The Greater London Authority (Miscellaneous Amendments) Order 20012001 No. 2620UK Statutory Instruments
    The Child Support, Pensions and Social Security Act 2000 (Commencement No. 10) Order 20012001 No. 2619 (C. 86)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Welfare Reform and Pensions (Persons Abroad: Benefits for Widows and Widowers) (Consequential Amendments) Regulations 20012001 No. 2618UK Statutory Instruments
    The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Mutual Societies) Order 20012001 No. 2617UK Statutory Instruments
    The National Savings Stock Register (Amendment) Regulations 20012001 No. 2616UK Statutory Instruments
    The Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 (Commencement No. 1) (Amendment) Order 20012001 No. 2614 (C. 85)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Education (Mandatory Awards) (Amendment) Regulations 20012001 No. 2613UK Statutory Instruments
    The Education (Special Educational Needs) (England) (Amendment No. 2) Regulations 20012001 No. 2612UK Statutory Instruments
    The Public Telecommunication System Designation (Verizon Global Solutions U.K. Limited) Order 20012001 No. 2611UK Statutory Instruments

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