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The Medicines (Veterinary Drugs) (Prescription Only) Order 2001

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Article 4(a)


Product NameVm/EU NumberAuthorisation Holder
Acp Injection 10mg ml12809/4108Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Acp Injection 2mg ml12809/4107Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Acp Tablets 10mg12809/4109Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Acp Tablets 25mg12809/4110Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Adequan 100mg M100242/4039Janssen-Cilag Ltd
Adequan 250mg M100242/4040Janssen-Cilag Ltd
Adequan Intramuscular00242/4042Janssen-Cilag Ltd
Adjuvanted Inactiv. Foot & Mouth Disease Vaccine08578/4002Institute For Animal Disease Research
Advantage00010/4100Bayer UK Ltd
Advantage 100 For Dogs04895/4004Bayer Ag
Advantage 250 For Dogs04895/4005Bayer Ag
Advantage 40 For Cats04895/4003Bayer Ag
Advantage 40 For Dogs04895/4002Bayer Ag
Advantage 400 For Dogs04895/4007Bayer Ag
Advantage 80 For Cats04895/4006Bayer Ag
Advantage for Small Cats, Small Dogs00010/4116Bayer UK Ltd
Advocin Injectable Solution00057/4095Pfizer Ltd
Aftopur ALSap08327/4163Merial Animal Health Ltd
Aftopur DOE08327/4162Merial Animal Health Ltd
Alamycin 1002000/4037Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Alamycin Aerosol02000/4053Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Alamycin LA02000/4117Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Alamycin LA 30002000/4113Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Albandry Tetra Delta Dry Cow04188/4040Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Alpha Ject 510013997/4006Alpharma As
Alpha Ject 520013997/4010Alpharma As
Aludex01708/4408Intervet UK Ltd
Amfipen 15%01708/4215Intervet UK Ltd
Amfipen 30%01708/4216Intervet UK Ltd
Amfipen Capsules 250mg06376/4004Intervet International Bv
Amfipen LA01708/4233Intervet UK Ltd
Amfipen Tablets 125mg06376/4002Intervet International Bv
Amfipen Tablets 500mg06376/4003Intervet International Bv
Amfipen Tablets 50mg06376/4001Intervet International Bv
Amoxicure13058/4004Oropharma Nv
Amoxinsol 10008007/4068Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Amoxinsol 150 Injection08007/4044Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Amoxinsol 5008007/4019Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Amoxinsol La08007/4045Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Amoxinsol Proportioner08007/4082Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Amoxinsol Tablets 200mg08007/4054Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Amoxinsol Tablets 40mg08007/4053Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Amoxycare 200 Tablets02000/4143Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Amoxycare 40 Tablets02000/4142Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Amoxycare Injection02000/4140Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Amoxycare La Injection02000/4141Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Amoxycare Palatable Drops02000/4157Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Amoxycillin 40mg Tablets02000/4139Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Amoxycillin Tablets 200mg02000/4153Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Amoxygen 200mg Palatable Tablets02000/4181Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Amoxygen 40mg Tablets02000/4182Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Amoxygen Palatable Drops02000/4180Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Amoxypen Injection01708/4339Intervet UK Ltd
Amoxypen LA01708/4340Intervet UK Ltd
Amoxypen Oral Suspension01708/4343Intervet UK Ltd
Amoxypen Sp01708/4464Intervet UK Ltd
Amoxypen Tablets 200mg01708/4342Intervet UK Ltd
Amoxypen Tablets 40mg01708/4341Intervet UK Ltd
Ampicaps12597/4010Cross Vetpharm Group Ltd
Ampicare 15% Injection02000/4144Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Ampitab 180mg17026/4001Chassot UK Ltd
Ampitab 50mg17026/4000Chassot UK Ltd
Ampitab Oral Suspension17026/4007Chassot UK Ltd
Anased 10%15914/4000Lloyd Europe Ltd
Animalcare Water for Injection12501/4101Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Antirobe Capsules 150mg04188/4034Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Antirobe Capsules 75mg04188/4036Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Antisedan00057/4111Pfizer Ltd
Apoject 1 Fural13997/4000Alpharma As
Apralan 200mg Injection00006/4085Lilly Industries Ltd
Apralan G10000006/4087Eli Lilly & Co Ltd
Apralan G2000006/4086Eli Lilly & Co Ltd
Apralan Oral Doser00006/4083Eli Lilly & Co Ltd
Apralan Soluble Powder00006/4084Eli Lilly & Co Ltd
Apramycin G10000006/4108Eli Lilly & Co Ltd
Aquacil 80012809/4001Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Aquatet11003/4002Vetrepharm Ltd
Aquinox12809/4118Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Aqupharm No 1110347/4009Animalcare Ltd
Aqupharm No 1810347/4010Animalcare Ltd
Aqupharm No 310347/4004Animalcare Ltd
Aqupharm No 110347/4006Animalcare Ltd
Aqupharm No 910347/4007Animalcare Ltd
Arquel V Granules04188/4046Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Atrocare Injection10347/4016Animalcare Ltd
Aureomycin Ophthalmic Ointment01596/4296Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Aureomycin Soluble Oblets01596/4295Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Aureomycin Soluble Powder01596/4238Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Aureomycin Topical Powder01596/4275Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Auroto Ear Drops00123/4093Dales Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Baycox 2.5% Solution00010/4084Bayer UK Ltd
Bayovac Ibr Marker Inactivatum04895/4000Bayer Ag
Bayovac Ibr Marker Vivum04895/4001Bayer Ag
Baytril Tablets 150mg00010/4083Bayer UK Ltd
Baytril 10% Injection Solution00010/4080Bayer UK Ltd
Baytril 10% Oral Solution00010/4077Bayer UK Ltd
Baytril 2.5% Injection00010/4075Bayer UK Ltd
Baytril 2.5% Oral Solution00010/4078Bayer UK Ltd
Baytril 5% Injection00010/4076Bayer UK Ltd
Baytril Max00010/4103Bayer UK Ltd
Baytril Piglet Doser00010/4079Bayer UK Ltd
Baytril Tablets 15mg00010/4081Bayer UK Ltd
Baytril Tablets 50mg00010/4082Bayer UK Ltd
Betamox 200mg Palatable Tablets02000/4103Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Betamox 400mg Tablets02000/4095Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Betamox 40mg Palatable Tablets02000/4087Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Betamox Injection02000/4071Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Betamox La Injection02000/4070Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Betamox Palatable Drops02000/4101Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Betsolan Cream00201/4051Schering-Plough Ltd
Betsolan Eye and Ear Drops00201/4052Schering-Plough Ltd
Betsolan Injection00201/4059Schering-Plough Ltd
Betsolan Soluble00201/4050Schering-Plough Ltd
Betsolan Tablets00201/4058Schering-Plough Ltd
Bilosin 200mg M102676/4118Bimeda Chemicals Ltd
Bimaclox Extra DC03422/4001Bimeda (UK) Ltd
Bimadine Powder02676/4140Bimeda Chemicals Ltd
Bimadine Tablets02676/4133Bimeda Chemicals Ltd
Bimalong 25%02676/4161Bimeda Chemicals Ltd
Bimamast Mc03422/4000Bimeda (UK) Ltd
Bimavite Plus02676/4157Bimeda Chemicals Ltd
Bimotrim Co Injection02676/4156Bimeda Chemicals Ltd
Bimoxyl Capsules12597/4011Cross Vetpharm Group Ltd
Bimoxyl La02676/4154Bimeda Chemicals Ltd
Binixin Injection00010/4101Bayer UK Ltd
Biocom P08936/4001Harlan UK Ltd
Bisolvon Injection00015/4005Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
Bisolvon Powder00015/4007Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
Bivatop 20000015/4048Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
Borgal 24% Solution01708/4419Intervet UK Ltd
Borgal 7.5% Solution01708/4420Intervet UK Ltd
Borgal Tablets 300mg01708/4418Intervet UK Ltd
Bovaclox DC Xtra02000/4111Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Bovaclox Dry Cow02000/4046Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Bovidec18343/4004Novartis Animal Vaccines Ltd
Bovilis Bvd06376/4025Intervet International Bv
Bovilis Huskvac01708/4177Intervet UK Ltd
Bovilis IBR01708/4213Intervet UK Ltd
Bovilis Ibr + P13 Inac06376/4000Intervet International Bv
Bovilis Ibr P13 Live01708/4224Intervet UK Ltd
Bovipast RSP01708/4458Intervet UK Ltd
Bovivac S01708/4415Intervet UK Ltd
Brietal00006/4110Eli Lilly & Co Ltd
Brietal Sodium Veterinary00006/4094Lilly Industries Ltd
Bursamune In Ovo01596/4299Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Buscopan Compositum00015/4065Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
C Vet Tetanus Antitoxin 1500iu03317/4108C-Vet Ltd
Calicide01973/4002Trouw (UK) Ltd
Calmivet Injection08007/4051Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Calmivet Tablets08007/4061Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Canaural Ear Drops00043/4080Leo Laboratories Ltd
Caniffa Primodog08327/4051Merial Animal Health Ltd
Canigen Dhppi01708/4381Intervet UK Ltd
Canine Parafluvac01596/4261Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Caninsulin01708/4244Intervet UK Ltd
Cardiovet 10mg01708/4298Intervet UK Ltd
Cardiovet 1mg01708/4295Intervet UK Ltd
Cardiovet 2.5mg01708/4296Intervet UK Ltd
Cardiovet 20mg01708/4299Intervet UK Ltd
Cardiovet 5mg01708/4297Intervet UK Ltd
Cartrophen Vet15519/4000Arthropharm (europe) Ltd
Cefa Tablets 100mg01596/4263Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Cefa Tablets 200mg01596/4265Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Cefa Tablets 50mg01596/4264Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Cefaseptin 120mg17026/4006Chassot UK Ltd
Cefaseptin 600mg17026/4005Chassot UK Ltd
Cefovet L08327/4128Merial Animal Health Ltd
Cephaguard01708/4445Intervet UK Ltd
Cephaguard LC Intramammary01708/4444Intervet UK Ltd
Cephaguard Milking Cow01708/4451Intervet UK Ltd
Ceporex Injection00201/4139Schering-Plough Ltd
Ceporex Oral Drops00201/4076Schering-Plough Ltd
Ceporex Veterinary Tablets 250mg00201/4075Schering-Plough Ltd
Ceporex Veterinary Tablets 50mg00201/4074Schering-Plough Ltd
Cepravin Dry Cow00201/4118Schering-Plough Ltd
Cepravin Eye Ointment00201/4112Schering-Plough Ltd
Chanamast DC11990/4007Chanelle Animal Health Ltd
Chanazine 10%11990/4006Chanelle Animal Health Ltd
Chanazine 2%11990/4005Chanelle Animal Health Ltd
Chanoprim 2011990/4021Chanelle Animal Health Ltd
Chanoprim 8011990/4022Chanelle Animal Health Ltd
Chloramphenicol 100 Tablets00233/4247Willows Francis Ltd
Chlorethamine01708/4268Intervet UK Ltd
Chloromycetin V Redidrops04188/4047Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Chlorsol 5008007/4052Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Chorulon01708/4301Intervet UK Ltd
Chronogest01708/4357Intervet UK Ltd
Clamoxyl La Injection00057/4126Pfizer Ltd
Clamoxyl Oral Multidoser00038/4114Beecham Group Plc T/a Beecham Research Laboratory
Clamoxyl Palatable Tablets 200mg00057/4146Pfizer Ltd
Clamoxyl Palatable Tablets 40mg00057/4145Pfizer Ltd
Clamoxyl Ready To Use Injection00057/4107Pfizer Ltd
Clik12501/4054Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Clinacin 75mg Tablets11990/4018Chanelle Animal Health Ltd
Clomicalm (5mg)EU/2/98/007/001Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Clomicalm (20mg)EU/2/98/007/002Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Clomicalm (80mg)EU/2/98/007/003Novatis Animal Health UK Ltd
Cloxacillin 1000 Dry Cow05653/4027Virbac Sa
Co Trimazine Tablets 120mg02000/4163Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Co Trimazine Tablets 480mg02000/4160Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Cobactan 2.5%01708/4452Intervet UK Ltd
Colvasone02000/4009Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Companazone 2501732/4079Arnolds Veterinary Products Ltd
Coprin00201/4093Schering-Plough Ltd
Corvental D Capsules 100mg12809/4124Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Corvental D Capsules 200mg12809/4125Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Corvental D Capsules 500mg12809/4126Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Cotrimoxgen 20 Tablets02000/4178Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Cotrimoxgen 80 Tablets02000/4179Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Coxi Plus13058/4002Oropharma Nv
Crestar01708/4180Intervet UK Ltd
Cronyxin Injection12597/4014Cross Vetpharm Group Ltd
Crystapen 5 Mega Injection00201/4061Schering-Plough Ltd
Cyclio 10% Spot On for Cat05653/4078Virbac Sa
Cyclio 2% Spot on for Large Dogs05653/4080Virbac Sa
Cyclio 2% Spot on for Medium Sized Dogs05653/4079Virbac Sa
Cyclio 2% Spot on for Small Dogs05653/4076Virbac Sa
Cydectin 1% Injectable Solution For Sheep01596/4257Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Cylap01596/4290Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Dalmazin11557/4000Fatro S.p.a
Defendog Cycle05653/4058Virbac Sa
Delvoprim 12001708/4347Intervet UK Ltd
Delvoprim 48001708/4348Intervet UK Ltd
Delvoprim Coject01708/4345Intervet UK Ltd
Delvoprim Horse Paste01708/4349Intervet UK Ltd
Delvoprim Piglet Suspension01708/4346Intervet UK Ltd
Delvosteron01708/4321Intervet UK Ltd
Depo Medrone V04188/4045Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Depocillin06376/4018Intervet International Bv
Depomycin Forte06376/4005Intervet International Bv
Depomycin Forte Farm Pack01708/4378Intervet UK Ltd
Deposel Injection12809/4051Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Dermobion Clear01596/4289Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Dermobion Green01596/4288Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Devomycin02000/4018Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Devomycin D02000/4034Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Dexadreson01708/4323Intervet UK Ltd
Dexafort01708/4324Intervet UK Ltd
Dicural 100mg Coated TabletsEU/2/97/003/010-012Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Dicural 150mg Coated TabletsEU/2/97/003/013-015Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Dicural 15 mg Coated TabletsEU/2/97/003/004-006Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Dicural 50mg Coated TabletsEU/2/97/003/007-009Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Dicural 50mg/ml solution for Injection for Cattle and DogsEU/2/97/003/016-018Fort Dodge Animal Health Holland
Dicural Oral SolutionEU/2/97/003/001-003Fort Dodge Animal Health Holland
Dimazon 10mg Tablets01708/4402Intervet UK Ltd
Dimazon 40 mg Tablets01708/4423Intervet UK Ltd
Dimazon 5% Solution For Injection01708/4406Intervet UK Ltd
Dindoral08327/4202Merial Animal Health Ltd
Dipen Forte12597/4000Cross Vetpharm Group Ltd
Diprinovet 15g 2 Day Bolus05869/4305Schering-Plough Ltd
Diprinovet 15g 4 Day Bolus05869/4304Schering-Plough Ltd
Diprinovet 20% Injection05869/4306Schering-Plough Ltd
Diuride Tablets 40mg12809/4119Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Dolethal08007/4034Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Domitor Injection03649/4001Orion Corporation Farmos
Domosedan 10mg/ml Injection03649/4000Orion Corporation Farmos
Dopram V Injection01596/4255Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Dosalid 120000057/4183Pfizer Ltd
Dosalid 30000057/4182Pfizer Ltd
Doxirobe GelEU/2/99/012/001-002Heska UK Ltd
Doxyseptin 10017026/4003Chassot UK Ltd
Doxyseptin 30017026/4002Chassot UK Ltd
Droncit Injectable00010/4098Bayer UK Ltd
Droncit Spot On00010/4105Bayer UK Ltd
Dufulvin Equine Paste01596/4094Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Dufulvin Granules01596/4119Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duofast02000/4175Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Duowin05653/4046Virbac Sa
Duphacerate Co01596/4084Solvay Duphar Veterinary
Duphacillin01596/4178Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duphacycline Aerosol01596/4139Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duphacycline LA01596/4160Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duphacycline XL01596/4161Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duphalyte01596/4303Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duphamox01596/4092Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duphamox 100mg01596/4184Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duphamox 200mg01596/4182Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duphamox 40mg01596/4180Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duphamox 50mg01596/4181Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duphamox La01596/4093Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duphamox Palatable Drops01596/4123Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duphamox Palatable Tablets 200mg01596/4118Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duphamox Palatable Tablets 40mg01596/4114Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duphapen01596/4011Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duphapen + Strep01596/4138Solvay Duphar Veterinary
Duphapen Fort01596/4258Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duphatrim 20 Tablets01596/4190Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duphatrim 80 Tablets01596/4189Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duphatrim Bolus01596/4191Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duphatrim Equine Formula01596/4188Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duphatrim Granules For Horses01596/4172Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duphatrim Is Injectable Solution01596/4140Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duphatrim Piglet Suspension01596/4193Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Durateston01708/4262Intervet UK Ltd
Duvaxyn Ehv 1,401596/4170Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duvaxyn Ie Plus01596/4148Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duvaxyn Ie T Plus01596/4147Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duvaxyn R01596/4267Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Duvaxyn T01596/4074Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Dystosel01708/4263Intervet UK Ltd
Eazi Breed Cidr Cattle Device11218/4000Carter Holt Harvey Plastic Products Group Ltd
Econopen Injection02000/4149Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Embacillin C Dry Cow08327/4061Merial Animal Health Ltd
Embacillin Injection08327/4122Merial Animal Health Ltd
Embacycline Aerosol08327/4078Merial Animal Health Ltd
Embacycline La08327/4119Merial Animal Health Ltd
Emequell Injection00057/4137Pfizer Ltd
Emequell Tablets00057/4138Pfizer Ltd
Emtryl Soluble For Game Birds08327/4032Merial Animal Health Ltd
Enacard Tablets For Dogs 1mg08327/4194Merial Animal Health Ltd
Enacard Tablets For Dogs 10mg08327/4197Merial Animal Health Ltd
Enacard Tablets For Dogs 2.5mg08327/4195Merial Animal Health Ltd
Enacard Tablets For Dogs 20mg08327/4198Merial Animal Health Ltd
Enacard Tablets For Dogs 5mg08327/4196Merial Animal Health Ltd
Engemycin 10% Dd06376/4007Intervet International Bv
Engemycin 10% Farm Park01708/4374Intervet UK Ltd
Engemycin 5%06376/4006Intervet International Bv
Engemycin Aerosol01708/4337Intervet UK Ltd
Engemycin La01708/4338Intervet UK Ltd
Enviracor04188/4071Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Enzaprost-t15052/4015Sanofi Animal Health Ltd
Enzovax01708/4351Intervet UK Ltd
Epiphen Tablets 30mg08007/4067Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Epiphen Tablets 60mg08007/4066Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Equiffa08327/4072Merial Animal Health Ltd
Equifulvin Granules00015/4025Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
Equilis Pro01708/4456Intervet UK Ltd
Equilis Pro T01708/4457Intervet UK Ltd
Equip F00201/4047Schering-Plough Ltd
Equip Ft00201/4045Schering-Plough Ltd
Equip T00201/4046Schering-Plough Ltd
Equipalazone Injection01732/4082Arnolds Veterinary Products Ltd
Equipalazone Paste E Pp01732/4081Arnolds Veterinary Products Ltd
Equipalazone Powder01732/4083Arnolds Veterinary Products Ltd
Equitrim Equine Paste00015/4028Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
Equitrim Granules00015/4044Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
Erysorb Parvo01708/4454Intervet UK Ltd
Erysorb Plus01708/4475Intervet UK Ltd
Erythrocin Intramammary15052/4007Sanofi Animal Health Ltd
Erythrocin Proportioner15052/4001Sanofi Animal Health Ltd
Erythrocin Soluble15052/4000Sanofi Animal Health Ltd
Estrumate00201/4141Schering-Plough Ltd
Eurican Dhppi08327/4126Merial Animal Health Ltd
Eurican L08327/4039Merial Animal Health Ltd
Eurican P08327/4002Merial Animal Health Ltd
Eurifel FeLVEU/2/00/019/001-004Merial Animal Health Ltd
Eurifel P08327/4008Merial Animal Health Ltd
Eurifel RC08327/4007Merial Animal Health Ltd
Euthanasia Solution00531/4044J M Loveridge Plc
Euthatal08327/4112Merial Animal Health Ltd
Excenel Rtu04188/4057Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Excenel Sterile Powder 1g04188/4049Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Excenel Sterile Powder 4g04188/4041Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Excis17381/4004Vericore Ltd
Exital12809/4105Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Feligen Rcp05653/4033Virbac Sa
Feline 3 Vaccine01596/4251Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Felocell Cvr00057/4115Pfizer Ltd
Fertagyl01708/4313Intervet UK Ltd
Fevaxyn Felv01596/4174Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Fevaxyn iCHPChalm01596/4253Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Fevaxyn PentofelEU/2/96/002/001-003Fort Dodge Laboratories
Finabiotic00201/4005Schering-Plough Ltd
Finadyne Granules00201/4008Schering-Plough Ltd
Finadyne Injections For Dogs00201/4018Schering-Plough Ltd
Finadyne Paste00201/4012Schering-Plough Ltd
Finadyne Solution00201/4009Schering-Plough Ltd
Finadyne Tablets 20mg00201/4017Schering-Plough Ltd
Finadyne Tablets 5mg00201/4016Schering-Plough Ltd
Fitergol08327/4099Merial Animal Health Ltd
Florocol00201/4029Schering-Plough Ltd
Flunixin Injection02000/4137Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Funixin Meglumine03478/4000Warrick Pharmeuticals Ltd
Folligon01708/4308Intervet UK Ltd
Fortekor 2012501/4030Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Fortekor 512501/4029Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Fortekor 5 (for Cats)12501/4069Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Fostim 600004188/4075Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Foston01708/4426Intervet UK Ltd
Framomycin Injection 15%17381/4012Vericore Ltd
Framomycin Soluble Powder12809/4028Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Freedom Cat Collar12501/4098Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Frontline Spot On Cat08327/4133Merial Animal Health Ltd
Frontline Spot On Dog08327/4132Merial Animal Health Ltd
Frontline Spray08327/4113Merial Animal Health Ltd
Frusecare Tablets01732/4103Arnolds Veterinary Products Ltd
Frusedale 4001732/4091Arnolds Veterinary Products Ltd
Frusemide Tablets Bp (vet) 20mg04409/4001Millpledge Ltd
Frusemide Tablets Bp (vet) 40mg04409/4000Millpledge Ltd
Fuciderm00043/4078Leo Laboratories Ltd
Fucithalmic Vet00043/4072Leo Laboratories Ltd
Furogen 2 Injection Vaccine18343/4001Novartis Animal Vaccines Ltd
Gabbrostim Injection05814/4005Vetem
Gac Ear Drops00123/4092Dales Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Gallivac IB8808327/4159Merial Animal Health Ltd
Gallivac IBD08327/4192Merial Animal Health Ltd
Gelofusine Veterinary03551/4000Braun B Melsungen Ag
Grisol V Granules08007/4022Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Grisol V Powder08007/4032Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Grisovin Veterinary Tablets00201/4117Schering-Plough Ltd
Haemaccel01708/4421Intervet UK Ltd
Haemo 1501732/4084Arnolds Veterinary Products Ltd
Halocur 0.5mg/ml Oral SolutionEU/2/99/013/001-002Intervet International Bv
Hexamine & Sodium Acid Phosphate Tablets01732/4085Arnolds Veterinary Products Ltd
Hexasol LA02000/4152Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Hyalovet 2001732/4101Arnolds Veterinary Products Ltd
Hydrocortisone And Neomycin Cream01732/4105Arnolds Veterinary Products Ltd
Hylartil Vet04188/4030Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Hyonate Injection00010/4085Bayer UK Ltd
Hyoresp08327/4189Merial Animal Health Ltd
Hypercard 1001732/4104Arnolds Veterinary Products Ltd
Hypnorm00242/4037Janssen-Cilag Ltd
Hyposton04188/4065Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Hypurin Vet Neutral04543/4003C P Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Hypurin Vet Protamine Zinc04543/4004C P Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Ibaflin 150mg TabletsEU/2/00/022/001-004Intervet International Bv
Ibaflin 300mg TabletsEU/2/00/022/001-4Intervet International Bv
Ibraxion Emulsion for InjectionEU/2/99/017/001-006Merial Animal Health Ltd
Iliren For Pigs01708/4425Intervet UK Ltd
Imizol Injection00201/4107Schering-Plough Ltd
Imuresp00057/4122Pfizer Ltd
Imuresp Rp00057/4123Pfizer Ltd
Incurin 1mg tabletsEU/2/00/018/001Intervet International Bv
Ingelvac Prrs Kv00015/4064Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
Insuvet Lente00201/4022Schering-Plough Ltd
Insuvet Neutral00201/4021Schering Plough Ltd
Insuvet Protamine Zinc00201/4023Schering-Plough Ltd
Intra Epicaine01732/4072Arnolds Veterinary Products Ltd
Intrac00201/4011Schering-Plough Ltd
Intradine02000/4086Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Intraval Sodium 2.5g08327/4109Merial Animal Health Ltd
Intraval Sodium 5g08327/4110Merial Animal Health Ltd
Intubeaze01732/4090Arnolds Veterinary Products Ltd
Isocare00116/4000Baxter Healthcare Ltd
Isofane17381/4005Vericore Ltd
Isoflo00037/4066Abbott Laboratories Ltd
Isoflo Vet00037/4067Abbott Laboratories Ltd
Isoflurane-Vet08327/4131Merial Animal Health Ltd
Isolec05271/4007Ivex Pharmaceuticals
Johnes Disease Vaccine Living03326/4002MAFF Weybridge
Kaobiotic Tablets04188/4076Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Katavac Chn01596/4038Solvay Duphar Veterinary
Katavac Chp01596/4133Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Katavac Eclipse01596/4179Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Kavak Da2 Pip6901596/4144Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Kavak Galaxy01596.4183Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Kavak L01596/4004Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Kavak P6901596/4145Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Kavak Parainfluenza01596/4135Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Kefloril 250mg Tablets08007/4080Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Ketaset Injection01596/4237Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Ketofen 1%08327/4073Merial Animal Health Ltd
Ketofen 10%08327/4067Merial Animal Health Ltd
Ketofen Tablets 20mg08327/4076Merial Animal Health Ltd
Ketofen Tablets 5mg08327/4074Merial Animal Health Ltd
Kiltix Dog Collar Large00010/4096Bayer UK Ltd
Kiltix Dog Collar Medium00010/4095Bayer UK Ltd
Kloxerate Dc01596/4087Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Kloxerate Gold Dc01596/4171Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Kloxerate Plus (Milking Cow)01596/4089Solvay Duphar Veterinary
Kloxerate Plus Dry Cow01596/4086Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Kloxerate Qr01596/4088Solvay Duphar Veterinary
Lactaclox02000/4044Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Lactatrim MC02000/4123Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Lactovac01708/4416Intervet UK Ltd
Large Animal Immobilon17381/4015Vericore Ltd
Large Animal Revivon17381/4014Vericore Ltd
Laurabolin Injection 25 mg/ml01708/4253Intervet UK Ltd
Laurabolin Injection 50 mg/ml01708/4254Intervet UK Ltd
Lenticillin Injection02000/4150Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Leo Red Dry Cow00043/4055Leo Laboratories Ltd
Leo Yellow Milking Cow00043/4056Leo Laboratories Ltd
Leotrox 24% Injection00043/4062Leo Laboratories Ltd
Leptavoid H00201/4048Schering-Plough Ltd
Lethobarb00531/4045J M Loveridge Plc
Leucogen05653/4036Virbac Sa
Leukocell 200057/4119Pfizer Ltd
Lignadrin08007/4069Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Linco Spectin 100 Soluble Powder04188/4039Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Linco Spectin Sp04188/4032Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Lincocin Forte S04188/4073Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Lincocin Soluble Powder04188/4061Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Lincocin Sterile Solution04188/4070Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Lincocin Tablets 100mg04188/4042Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Linococin Tablets 500mg04188/4038Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
LocatimEU/2/99/011/001Biokema Anstalt
Locovetic12597/4021Cross Vetpharm Group Ltd
Lutalyse04188/4069Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Malaseb00043/4081Leo Laboratories Ltd
Mallein Ppd03326/4000MAFF Weybridge
Mamyzin00015/4062Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
Marbocyl 10%06462/4003Vetoquinol (S.A.) Ltd
Marbocyl 2%06462/4005Vetoquinol (S.A.) Ltd
Marbocyl 200mg08007/4079Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Marbocyl 20mg Tablets08007/4059Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Marbocyl 5mg Tablets08007/4058Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Marbocyl 80mg Tablets08007/4060Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Marbocyl Bolus08007/4073Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Marbocyl FD 100mg08007/4083Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Marbocyl FD200mg08007/4084Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Marbocyl Sa 100mg08007/4078Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Maxagloban P01708/4412Intervet UK Ltd
Medrone V Tablets 2mg00032/4131Upjohn Ltd
Medrone V Tablets 2mg04188/4053Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Medrone V Tablets 4mg00032/4132Upjohn Ltd
Meflosyl 5% Injection01596/4192Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Mesalin01708/4246Intervet UK Ltd
Metacam 1.5mg/ml Oral SuspensionEU/2/97/004/003-005Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Gmbh
Metacam 5mg/ml solution for injection for dogsEU/2/97/004/002Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Gmbh
Metacam Solution for Injection 5mg/ml for CattleEU/2/97/004/001Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Gmbh
Metrijet 150001708/4229Intervet UK Ltd
Metronex for Horses04188/4024Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Micotil 30000006/4093Lilly Industries Ltd
Midicel V Parenteral04188/4066Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Milophyline V Injection00123/4106Dales Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Monzaldon00015/4043Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
Mucobovin08327/4107Merial Animal Health Ltd
Multiject Imm02000/4062Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Multivet 4bc Injection12809/4047Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Mycocillin La01708/4461Intervet UK Ltd
Mydiavac12809/4069Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Mylipen Dry Cow05869/4190Mallinckrodt Veterinary Ltd
Myolaxin 15%17026/4004Chassot UK Ltd
Mypravac Suis17533/4001Laboratorios Hippa SA
Mysoline Veterinary Tablets00201/4055Schering-Plough Ltd
Nafpenzal Dry Cow06376/4011Intervet International Bv
Nafpenzal Mc06376/4013Intervet International Bv
Nandoral Tablets01708/4249Intervet UK Ltd
Nandrolin Injection 25 mg/ml01708/4255Intervet UK Ltd
Nandrolin Injection 50 mg/ml01708/4256Intervet UK Ltd
Narketan 1013990/4001Vetco Ltd
Navilox08007/4026Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Nemovac08327/4156Merial Animal Health Ltd
Neobiotic Pump04188/4072Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Neobiotic Eye Ointment00032/4110Upjohn Ltd
Neobiotic HC Drops 1.5%04188/4060Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Neobiotic Soluble Powder 70%04188/4052Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
NeocoliporEU/2/98/008/001-004Merial Animal Health Ltd
Neopen01708/4204Intervet UK Ltd
Nobi Porvac Live+DF (Aujeszky Begonia Intradermal)01708/4290Intervet UK Ltd
Nobi Vac Aujeszky Live With Diluvac Forte01708/4245Intervet UK Ltd
Nobilis CAV P401708/4322Intervet UK Ltd
Nobilis E Coli Inac01708/4266Intervet UK Ltd
Nobilis Gumboro 228E01708/4333Intervet UK Ltd
Nobilis Gumboro D78 Live01708/4237Intervet UK Ltd
Nobilis IB4 91EU/2/98/006/001-010Intervet International Bv
Nobilis Reo + IB + G + ND01708/4332Intervet UK Ltd
Nobilis Reo Inac01708/4329Intervet UK Ltd
Nobilis RT+IBMULTI+G+ND01708/4385Intervet UK Ltd
Nobilis TRT + ND06376/4024Intervet International Bv
Nobilis TRT Inac01708/4356Intervet UK Ltd
Nobilis TRT Live01708/4235Intervet UK Ltd
Nobilis TRT+IBM+G+NG01708/4335Intervet UK Ltd
Nobivac DH01708/4145Intervet UK Ltd
Nobivac Dhppi01708/4218Intervet UK Ltd
Nobivac KC06376/4026Intervet International Bv
Nobivac Lepto01708/4146Intervet UK Ltd
Nobivac Myxo01708/4252Intervet UK Ltd
Nobivac Parvo C01708/4182Intervet UK Ltd
Nobivac PPI01708/4230Intervet UK Ltd
Nobivac Puppy Dp01708/4209Intervet UK Ltd
Nobivac Rabies01708/4183Intervet UK Ltd
Nobivac Solvent01708/4148Intervet UK Ltd
Nobivac Tricat01708/4168Intervet UK Ltd
Norbet Tablets02000/4109Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Norixin Injection02000/4170Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Norobrittin02000/4104Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Norocillin02000/4099Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Noroclox Dc02000/4040Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Noroclox Dc Xtra02000/4126Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Noroclox Qr02000/4042Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Norodine 20 Tablets02000/4096Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Norodine 24 Injectable02000/4061Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Norodine 80 Tablets02000/4085Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Norodine Bolus02000/4079Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Norodine Equine Paste02000/4098Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Norodine Granules02000/4114Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Norodine Oral Piglet Suspension02000/4073Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Norofulvin Equine Paste02000/4055Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Norofulvin Granules02000/4084Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Noroprost02000/4110Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Norotyl La02000/4136Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Nuflor Injectable Solution00201/4020Schering-Plough Ltd
Nymfalon01708/4379Intervet UK Ltd
Occrycetin Aerosol00233/4249Willows Francis Ltd
Occrycetin Bolus01596/4305Fort Dogde Animal Health Ltd
Oestradiol Benzoate 5mg Ml01708/4318Intervet UK Ltd
Omnisol 20012809/4081Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Opticlox Eye Ointment02000/4075Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Opticorten Tablets 0.25mg12501/4047Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Opticorten Tablets 5mg12501/4028Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Optimmune Ophthalmic Ointment00201/4025Schering-Plough Ltd
Oralject Circulon Brand Paste06036/4000Vetsearch International (UK) Ltd
Oralject Sedazine Ace Promzine Paste04809/4003Vetsearch International Pty Ltd
Orandrone01708/4247Intervet UK Ltd
Orbax Tablets 25mg00201/4035Schering-Plough Ltd
Orbax Tablets 6.25mg00201/4036Schering-Plough Ltd
Orbax Tablets 75mg00201/4037Schering-Plough Ltd
Orbenin Dry Cow Intramammary Suspension00057/4185Pfizer Ltd
Orbenin Extra Dry Cow00057/4130Pfizer Ltd
Orbenin LA00057/4179Pfizer Ltd
Orbenin Ophthalmic Ointment00057/4201Pfizer Ltd
Ornicure13058/4001Oropharma Nv
Ornimed Oxytetracycline00118/4008Laboratories For Applied Biology Ltd
Orojet Lamb00233/4266Willows Francis Ltd
Orojet N01596/4276Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Oterna Ear Drops00201/4088Schering-Plough Ltd
Otomax Ear Drops Suspension00201/4154Schering-Plough Ltd
Ovagen16466/4000Immuno Chemical Products (UK) Ltd
Ovarid Tablets 20mg00201/4123Schering-Plough Ltd
Ovarid Tablets 5mg00201/4126Schering-Plough Ltd
Ovitrol Cat Collar12501/4009Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Oxycare 20 La02000/4156Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Oxycare Aerosol02000/4164Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Oxycare Tablets 100mg10347/4002Animalcare Ltd
Oxycare Tablets 250mg10347/4003Animalcare Ltd
Oxycare Tablets 50mg10347/4001Animalcare Ltd
Oxycomplex Ns12597/4007Cross Vetpharm Group Ltd
OxyglobinEU/2/99/015/001Biopure Netherlands B.V
Oxytetracycline Powder02676/4136Bimeda Chemicals Ltd
Oxytetrin 10dd00201/4125Schering-Plough Ltd
Oxytetrin 20 La00201/4103Schering-Plough Ltd
Oxytetrin 500201/4054Schering-Plough Ltd
Oxytocin S01708/4314Intervet UK Ltd
Oxytocin Leo00043/4077Leo Laboratories Ltd
Pangram 5%05653/4013Virbac Sa
Panolog Ointment12501/4041Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Paracillin Sp06376/4019Intervet International Bv
Paracox00201/4151Schering-Plough Ltd
Paracox 500201/4152Schering-Plough Ltd
Paramove 5012929/4001Solvay Interox Ltd
Parasitex Insecticidal Collar05653/4037Virbac Sa
Parvosorb01708/4453Intervet UK Ltd
Parvovax08327/4017Merial Animal Health Ltd
Pastobov08327/4173Merial Animal Health Ltd
Pathocef Intramammary Suspension00057/4077Pfizer Ltd
Paxcutol Shampoo05653/4018Virbac Sa
Pen And Strep02000/4100Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Penacare02000/4154Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Penillin08007/4074Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Penillin 300 Long Acting08007/4072Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Penillin Ps08007/4031Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Pentobarbitone Solution 20% For Euthanasia00531/4042J M Loveridge Plc
Pentoject10347/4014Animalcare Ltd
Pep 2% Powder01596/4277Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Pergovet 15003400/4001Serono Laboratories (UK) Ltd
Pergovet 7503400/4000Serono Laboratories (UK) Ltd
Perlutex Tablets00043/4067Leo Laboratories Ltd
Pethidine Injection 50mg M101732/4080Dales Pharmaceuticals Ltd
PG 60001708/4312Intervet UK Ltd
Phenogel Tablets 100mg00531/4040J M Loveridge Plc
Phenogel Tablets 200mg00531/4041J M Loveridge Plc
Phenycare Tablets 100mg10347/4012Animalcare Ltd
Phenycare Tablets 200mg10347/4013Animalcare Ltd
Phenylbutazone Tablets Bp (vet) 25mg01732/4106Arnolds Veterinary Products Ltd
Phosphorus Supplement Injection00123/4109Dales Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Planate00201/4099Schering-Plough Ltd
Planipart00015/4041Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
PLT Tablets12809/4120Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
PMSG Intervet01708/4309Intervet UK Ltd
Porcilis AR-T DFEU/2/00/026/1-2Intervet International Bv
Porcilis Ery + Parvo01708/4334Intervet UK Ltd
Porcilis Pesti emulsion for injectionEU/2/99/016/001-006Intervet International Bv
Porcilis Porcoli (20ml)EU/2/95/001/001Intervet International Bv
Porcilis Porcoli (50ml)EU/2/95/001/002Intervet International Bv
Porcilis PRRS06372/4027Intervet International Bv
Potencil12809/4013Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Poulflox Oral SolutionEU/2/00/023/1-3Virbac Sa
Poulvac Bursa Plus01596/4230Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Poulvac Bursine 201596/4215Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Poulvac Ibmm + Ark Vaccine01596/4262Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Poulvac Ovoline ND01596/4256Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Poulvac SHS Vaccine01596/4214Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Poulvac Trt Vaccine01596/4213Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Prednicare Tablets 1mg10347/4018Animalcare Ltd
Prednicare Tablets 5mg10347/4017Animalcare Ltd
Prednidale 501732/4092Arnolds Veterinary Products Ltd
Prednisolone Tablets Bp (vet) 1mg04409/4002Millpledge Ltd
Prednisolone Tablets Bp (vet) 5mg04409/4003Millpledge Ltd
Prid15052/4009Sanofi Animal Health Ltd
Pro Dynam00043/4076Leo Laboratories Ltd
Progesterone Injectable01708/4251Intervet UK Ltd
Program 40 Injectable For Cats12501/4039Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Program 40 Injectable Suspension For Cats12501/4037Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Program 80 Injectable For Cats12501/4040Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Program 80 Injectable Suspension For Cats12501/4038Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Program Plus 11.5mg/230mg18352/4002Novartis Animal Health S.p.a.
Program Plus 2.3mg/46mg12501/4073Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Program Plus Tablets 23mg/460mg18352/4003Novartis Animal Health S.p.a.
Program Plus Tablets 5.75mg/115mg18352/4001Novartis Animal Health S.p.a.
Program Suspension For Large Cats12501/4019Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Program Suspension For Small Cats and Kittens12501/4016Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Program Tablets 204.9mg12501/4014Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Program Tablets 23.1mg12501/4012Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Program Tablets 409.8mg12501/4015Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Program Tablets 67.8mg12501/4013Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Progressis08327/4204Merial Animal Health Ltd
Promone E 50mg ml04188/4043Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Prontax 1% Injectable Solution For Cattle, Sheep and Pigs00057/4160Pfizer Ltd
Prontax Pour On00057/4166Pfizer Ltd
Propalin Syrup08007/4035Vetiquinol (UK) Ltd
Prophalin08007/4075Vetiquinol (UK) Ltd
Prosolvin01708/4330Intervet UK Ltd
Prostapar01708/4382Intervet UK Ltd
Prostavet05653/4043Virbac Sa
Protech Da2ppi01596/4250Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Protech Parvo01596/4248Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Pulmotil AC00006/4105Eli Lilly & Co Ltd
Quadrisol 100mg/ml (Horses)EU/2/97/005/001Intervet International Bv
Quadrisol 50mg/ml (Horses)EU/2/97/005/004Intervet International Bv
Quadrisol 5mg/ml Oral Gel For DogsEU/2/97/005/002-007Intervet International BV
Qualamox 1508327/4018Merial Animal Health Ltd
Qualamox La08327/4019Merial Animal Health Ltd
Quantum Cat CVRP00201/4039Schering-Plough Ltd
Quantum Cat Felv00201/4040Schering-Plough Ltd
Quantum Dog 700201/4041Schering-Plough Ltd
Quantum Dog Cpv00201/4042Schering-Plough Ltd
Quantum Dog Cpv L00201/4043Schering-Plough Ltd
Quantum Rabies Vaccine00201/4166Schering-Plough Ltd
Rabguard00057/4205Pfizer Ltd
Rabigen SAG2 oral SuspensionEU/2/00/021/001Virbac Sa
Rabisin08327/4166Merial Animal Health Ltd
Rapinovet00201/4072Schering-Plough Ltd
Receptal01708/4438Intervet UK Ltd
Regulin15052/4011Sanofi Animal Health Ltd
Regumate Equine01708/4433Intervet UK Ltd
Regumate Porcine01708/4443Intervet UK Ltd
Resprixin01708/4373Intervet UK Ltd
Retarbolin12501/4089Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Rilexine 30005653/4055Virbac Sa
Rilexine 60005653/4056Virbac Sa
Rilexine 7505653/4054Virbac Sa
Rimadyl Granules00057/4192Pfizer Ltd
Rimadyl Injectable Solution for Cattle00057/4199Pfizer Ltd
Rimadyl Large Animal Solution00057/4194Pfizer Ltd
Rimadyl Small Animal Injection00057/4193Pfizer Ltd
Rimadyl Tablets 20mg00057/4190Pfizer Ltd
Rimadyl Tablets 50mg00057/4191Pfizer Ltd
Ringvac Bovis Ltf 13013997/4005Alpharma As
Rispoval Pasturella00057/4202Pfizer Ltd
Rispoval Rs00057/4121Pfizer Ltd
Rompun 2% Solution00010/4093Bayer UK Ltd
Rompun Dry Substance00010/4092Bayer UK Ltd
Ronaxan 100mg08327/4068Merial Animal Health Ltd
Ronaxan 20mg08327/4069Merial Animal Health Ltd
Rotavec Corona00201/4147Schering-Plough Ltd
Rotavec K9900201/4049Schering-Plough Ltd
Saffan00201/4089Schering-Plough Ltd
Sagatal08327/4108Merial Animal Health Ltd
Salartect 350 Fish Louse Treatment03619/4000Brenntag (UK) Ltd
Salartect 500 Fish Louse Treatment03619/4001Brenntag (UK) Ltd
Salenvac01708/4389Intervet UK Ltd
Salenvac T01708/4472Intervet UK Ltd
Salmosan12501/4048Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Samaki Slt12929/4002Solvay Interox Ltd
Sarafin00037/4068Abbott Laboratories Ltd
Scabivax00201/4044Schering-Plough Ltd
Sedalin 35mg17026/4009Chassot UK Ltd
Sedalin 7mg17026/4008Chassot UK Ltd
Sedalin Gel13990/4000Vetco Ltd
Sedazine 10%00233/4262Willows Francis Ltd
Sedazine 2%00233/4261Willows Francis Ltd
Sedivet00015/4033Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
Sedivet 0.1 mg/ml Solution for Injection00015/4059Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
Selgian 10mg14966/4001Ceva Sante Nutrition Animale
Selgian 20mg14966/4004Ceva Sante Nutrition Animale
Selgian 4mg14966/4000Ceva Sante Nutrition Animale
Sesoral Tablets01708/4248Intervet UK Ltd
Sheptaclox DC02000/4188Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Slice00201/4153Schering-Plough Ltd
Small Animal Immobilon12809/4101Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Small Animal Revivon12809/4100Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Sodium Calciumedetate (strong)10347/4011Animalcare Ltd
Soloxine 0.201732/4095Arnolds Veterinary Products Ltd
Soloxine 0.301732/4096Arnolds Veterinary Products Ltd
Soloxine 0.501732/4097Arnolds Veterinary Products Ltd
Soloxine 0.801732/4098Arnolds Veterinary Products Ltd
Soloxine Tablets 0.1mg01732/4094Arnolds Veterinary Products Ltd
Solu Medrone V (125mg)04188/4059Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Solu Medrone V (500mg)04188/4031Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Somulose01732/4073Arnolds Veterinary Products Ltd
Spectam Injectable15052/4012Sanofi Animal Health Ltd
Spectam Scour Halt15052/4006Sanofi Animal Health Ltd
Spirovac00057/4203Pfizer Ltd
Sputolosin Powder00015/4018Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
Stegantox 1000201/4027Schering-Plough Ltd
Stegantox 6000201/4026Schering-Plough Ltd
Stellamune Mycoplasma00057/4106Pfizer Ltd
Sterile Diluent For Injection01596/4274Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Sterilised Water For Injections Bp00123/4112Dales Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Stomorgyl 1008327/4084Merial Animal Health Ltd
Stomorgyl 208327/4083Merial Animal Health Ltd
Stomorgyl 2008327/4085Merial Animal Health Ltd
Streptacare02000/4155Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Streptopen Dry Cow00201/4132Schering-Plough Ltd
Streptopen Injection00201/4135Schering-Plough Ltd
Streptogen Milking Cow00201/4130Schering-Plough Ltd
Streptopen Qr05869/4196Schering-Plough Ltd
Stresnil00242/4022Janssen-Cilag Ltd
Strinacin II08327/4058Merial Animal Health Ltd
Stronghold (60mg) spot-on solutionEU/2/99/014/004Pfizer Ltd
Stronghold (120mg) spot-on solutionEU/2/99/014/005Pfizer Ltd
Stronghold (15mg) spot-on solutionEU/2/99/014/001Pfizer Ltd
Stronghold (240mg) spot-on solutionEU/2/99/014/006Pfizer Ltd
Stronghold (30mg) spot-on solutionEU/2/99/014/003Pfizer Ltd
Stronghold (45mg) spot-on solutionEU/2/99/014/002Pfizer Ltd
Strypen Injection08327/4077Merial Animal Health Ltd
Sulfatrim12809/4008Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Sulfoxine 33308007/4043Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Super Ov10845/4000Global Genetics
Surolan00242/4012Janssen-Cilag Ltd
Suvaxyn App01596/4146Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Suvaxyn Aujeszky01596/4219Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Suvaxyn Aujeszky 783 + O/WEU/2/98/009/1-6Solvay Duphar Bv
Suvaxyn M hyo Parasuis01596/4244Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Suvaxyn M.hyo01596/4149Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Suvaxyn Parvo01596/4059Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Suvaxyn Respifend01596/4280Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Synermast05653/4014Virbac Sa
Synulox 500 Mg Bolus00057/4186Pfizer Ltd
Synulox Lc00057/4147Pfizer Ltd
Synulox Palatable Drops00057/4112Pfizer Ltd
Synulox Palatable Tablets 250mg00057/4163Pfizer Ltd
Synulox Palatable Tablets 500mg00057/4102Pfizer Ltd
Synulox Palatable Tablets 50mg00057/4164Pfizer Ltd
Synulox Ready to Use00057/4152Pfizer Ltd
Synutrim Fortesol12809/4106Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Tad Salmonella Vac E16894/4002Lohmann Animal Health Gmbh & Co Kg
Tad Thymo Vac16894/4000Lohmann Animal Health Gmbh & Co Kg
Tardak00057/4156Pfizer Ltd
Tecvax Chlamydia08007/4077Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Tecvax Pasturella 1/608007/4076Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Telzenac Injectable Solution00201/4028Schering-Plough Ltd
Terramycin Aerosol Spray00057/4091Pfizer Ltd
Terramycin La Injectable Solution00057/4085Pfizer Ltd
Terramycin Q100 Injectable Solution00057/4087Pfizer Ltd
Terramycin Q50 Injectable Solution00057/4081Pfizer Ltd
Terramycin Soluble Powder 5%00057/4084Pfizer Ltd
Terramycin Soluble Powder Concentrated 20%00057/4083Pfizer Ltd
Tetanus Antitoxin01708/4411Intervet UK Ltd
Tetanus Toxoid Concentrated01708/4410Intervet UK Ltd
Tetanus Vaccine00003/4033The Wellcome Foundation Ltd
Tetcin 508007/4009Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Tetcin Aerosol08007/4033Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Tectin Long Acting08007/4057Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Tetra Delta04188/4051Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Tetraclox Dry Cow Xtra04188/4068Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Tetraseptin 100mg17026/4011Chassot UK Ltd
Tetraseptin 200 mg17026/4012Chassot UK Ltd
Tetroxy 10% Dd Injection02676/4128Bimeda Chemicals Ltd
Tetroxy 5% Injection02676/4124Bimeda Chemicals Ltd
Tetroxy La02676/4137Bimeda Chemicals Ltd
Tetsol 80012809/4075Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Thiovet 2.5g12501/4100Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Thiovet 5g12501/4099Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Tiacil Opthalmic Solution05653/4026Virbac Sa
Tiamutin 12.5% Solution12501/4080Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Tiamutin 200 Injection12501/4079Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Tolfedine Injection 4%08007/4048Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Tolfedine Tablets 20mg08007/4047Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Tolfedine Tablets 6mg08007/4049Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Tolfedine Tablets 60mg08007/4050Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Tolfine08007/4063Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Tomanol01708/4311Intervet UK Ltd
Torbugesic Horse 10mg/ml01596/4198Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Torbugesic Injection01596/4243Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Torbugesic Small Animals and Horse 10mg/ml01596/4197Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Torbutrol Injection00233/4234Willows Francis Ltd
Torbutrol Tablets 10mg01596/4287Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Torbutrol Tablets 5mg01596/4286Fort Dodge Animal Health Ltd
Torgyl Forte08327/4052Merial Animal Health Ltd
Torgyl Solution08327/4175Merial Animal Health Ltd
Torvac RSV18343/4003Novartis Animal Vaccines Ltd
Toxovax01708/4240Intervet UK Ltd
Tracherine00057/4120Pfizer Ltd
Tribrissen 20 Tablets00201/4066Schering-Plough Ltd
Tribrissen 24% Injection00201/4065Schering-Plough Ltd
Tribrissen 80 Tablets00201/4069Schering-Plough Ltd
Tribrissen Bolus00201/4101Schering-Plough Ltd
Tribrissen Injection 48%00201/4108Schering-Plough Ltd
Tribrissen Oral Paste00201/4064Schering-Plough Ltd
Tribrissen Oral Suspension00201/4102Schering-Plough Ltd
Tribrissen Piglet Suspension00201/4063Schering-Plough Ltd
Trimabac 20 Tablets12809/4085Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Trimabac 80 Tablets12809/4083Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Trimabac Bolus12809/4084Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Trimabac Injection 24%12809/4091Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Trimacare 20 Tablets02000/4146Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Trimacare 24%02000/4145Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Trimacare 80 Tablets02000/4147Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Trimacare Bolus02000/4148Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Trimediazine Mint08007/4024Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Trimediazine Paste08007/4046Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Trimediazine Plain08007/4036Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Trimedoxine 4s08007/4017Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Trimedoxine 80 Tablets08007/4055Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Trimedoxine Injection08007/4041Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Trimedoxine Piglet Suspension08007/4015Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Trinacol Injection00015/4024Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
Trioxyl La11810/4002Tulivin Laboratories Ltd
Tuberculin Ppd Avian03326/4007MAFF Weybridge
Tuberculin Ppd Mammalian Bovine03326/4006MAFF Weybridge
Tur 308327/4134Merial Animal Health Ltd
Tylan 20000006/4098Lilly Industries Ltd
Tylan Soluble00006/4091Lilly Industries Ltd
Tylan Tablets00006/4102Lilly Industries Ltd
Ubrocef00015/4055Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
Udder Guard04055/4041Ace Chemicals Ltd
Ultrapen La02000/4133Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Uniprim 150 Powder04188/4029Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Uniprim For Horses04188/4025Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Utocyl12501/4027Novartis Animal Health UK
Vanguard 700057/4117Pfizer Ltd
Vanguard CPV00057/4118Pfizer Ltd
Vanguard CPV L00057/4116Pfizer Ltd
Vanguard Lepto CI00057/4124Pfizer Ltd
Vasotop 1.2501708/4403Intervet UK Ltd
Vasotop 2.501708/4404Intervet UK Ltd
Vasotop 501708/4400Intervet UK Ltd
Vaxall Leptospira Hardjo Vaccine17381/4006Vericore Ltd
Vecoxan00242/4044Janssen-Cilag Ltd
Ventipulmin Granules00015/4040Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
Ventipulmin Injection Solution00015/4039Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
Ventipulmin Syrup00015/4032Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
Ventipulmin Tmp S00015/4029Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
Veramix Sheep Sponge04188/4064Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Vesadin Injection08327/4079Rhone Merieux Animal Health
Vetalar V04188/4067Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Vetergesic00063/4000Reckitt & Colman Products Ltd
Vetflurane11188/4009Virbac Ltd
Vetivex 1 (sodium Chloride 0.9%w/v Intravenous Inf)05271/4018Ivex Pharmaceuticals
Vetivex 18 (sodium Chloride 0.18% & Glucose 4% I.v)05271/4021Ivex Pharmaceuticals
Vetivex 20 (sodium Chloride 7.2%w/v I.v.infusion)05271/4017Ivex Pharmaceuticals
Vetivex 305271/4022Ivex Pharmaceuticals
Vetivex 6 (glucose 5% w/v Intravenous Infusion B.p)05271/4020Ivex Pharmaceuticals
Vetivex 9 (ringers Solution For Injection)05271/4023Ivex Pharmaceuticals
Vetmedin 2.5 mg00015/4049Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
Vetmedin 5mg00015/4050Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
Vetodale Cream01732/4076Arnolds Veterinary Products Ltd
Vetremox11003/4000Vetrepharm Ltd
Vetremox Fish11003/4005Vetrepharm Ltd
Vetremox Pigeon11003/4007Vetrepharm Ltd
Vetrimoxin Paste15052/4003Sanofi Animal Health Ltd
Vetrimoxin Tablets15052/4002Sanofi Animal Health Ltd
Vetsovate Cream00201/4057Schering-Plough Ltd
Vidamox 200mg Tablets12809/4088Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Vidamox 40mg Tablets12809/4089Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Vidamox Injection12809/4086Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Vidamox La Injection12809/4087Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Vidamox Palatable Drops12809/4090Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Virbagen L05653/4016Virbac Sa
Virbaxyl 10%11188/4001Virbac Ltd
Virbaxyl 2%11188/4000Virbac Ltd
Vitamin B1 Injection02676/4158Bimeda Chemicals Ltd
Vitatrace Injection04706/4005Vetoquinol (UK) Ltd
Vitenium Injection17381/4019Vericore Ltd
Vitesel02000/4115Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Vivitonin 10001708/4446Intervet UK Ltd
Vivitonin 5001708/4417Intervet UK Ltd
Vonapen Dry Cow01708/4153Intervet UK Ltd
Vonapen Milking Cow01708/4178Intervet UK Ltd
Vordexol00015/4058Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
Voren 1400015/4036Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
Voren Suspension00015/4042Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
Walpoles Buffer Solution01732/4078Arnolds Veterinary Products Ltd
Water For Injection12501/4087Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Water For Injections08327/4111Merial Animal Health Ltd
Water For Injections02000/4122Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Water For Injections04188/4044Parmacia & Upjohn Animal Health Ltd
Willows Dry Cow02000/4171Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Willows Dry Cow Xtra02000/4173Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Xylacare 2%10347/4020Animalcare Ltd
Xylapan17026/4010Chassot UK Ltd
Xylazine 2%04409/4006Millpledge Ltd
Zaquilan 60mg Tablets for Dogs and Cats00201/4062Schering-Plough Ltd
Zaquilan 15g 2 Day Bolus For Cattle00201/4106Schering-Plough Ltd
Zaquilan 20% Injection For Cattle And Pigs00201/4140Schering-Plough Ltd
Zaquilan 600mg Tablets For Dogs00201/4060Schering-Plough Ltd
Zenecarp Granules00057/4200Pfizer Ltd
Zenecarp Injection00057/4196Pfizer Ltd
Zenecarp Tablets 20mg00057/4197Pfizer Ltd
Zenecarp Tablets 50mg00057/4198Pfizer Ltd

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