The Stop Now Orders (E.C. Directive) Regulations 2001

Proceedings in other Member States and Co-operation with Community qualified entities

5.—(1) The Director and any public UK qualified entity shall have all necessary powers—

(a)to enable them to bring proceedings under the provisions corresponding to these Regulations in any other Member State;

(b)to bring proceedings in the United Kingdom on behalf of any Community qualified entity.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of paragraph (1) above, the Director, any public UK qualified entity and any organisation in relation to which a communication has been made under regulation 4(5) above may enter into arrangements to share information with each other and with any Community qualified entity (whether or not he or it would otherwise be entitled to disclose it) and generally to co-operate with any such entity for the purpose of bringing proceedings under these Regulations or the provisions corresponding to them in any other Member State.