Written and additional information

8.—(1) Subject to regulation 9, the supplier shall provide to the consumer in writing, or in another durable medium which is available and accessible to the consumer, the information referred to in paragraph (2), either—

(a)prior to the conclusion of the contract, or

(b)thereafter, in good time and in any event—

(i)during the performance of the contract, in the case of services; and

(ii)at the latest at the time of delivery where goods not for delivery to third parties are concerned.

(2) The information required to be provided by paragraph (1) is—

(a)the information set out in paragraphs (i) to (vi) of Regulation 7(1)(a);

(b)information about the conditions and procedures for exercising the right to cancel under regulation 10, including—

(i)where a term of the contract requires (or the supplier intends that it will require) that the consumer shall return the goods to the supplier in the event of cancellation, notification of that requirement; and

(ii)information as to whether the consumer or the supplier would be responsible under these Regulations for the cost of returning any goods to the supplier, or the cost of his recovering them, if the consumer cancels the contract under regulation 10;

(c)the geographical address of the place of business of the supplier to which the consumer may address any complaints;

(d)information about any after-sales services and guarantees; and

(e)the conditions for exercising any contractual right to cancel the contract, where the contract is of an unspecified duration or a duration exceeding one year.

(3) Subject to regulation 9, prior to the conclusion of a contract for the supply of services, the supplier shall inform the consumer in writing or in another durable medium which is available and accessible to the consumer that, unless the parties agree otherwise, he will not be able to cancel the contract under regulation 10 once the performance of the services has begun with his agreement.