The Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2000

Regulation 4(1)

SCHEDULE 1Employer’s Procedures

The written procedures for medical exposures shall include—

(a)procedures to identify correctly the individual to be exposed to ionising radiation;

(b)procedures to identify individuals entitled to act as referrer or practitioner or operator;

(c)procedures to be observed in the case of medico-legal exposures;

(d)procedures for making enquiries of females of childbearing age to establish whether the individual is or may be pregnant or breastfeeding;

(e)procedures to ensure that quality assurance programmes are followed;

(f)procedures for the assessment of patient dose and administered activity;

(g)procedures for the use of diagnostic reference levels established by the employer for radiodiagnostic examinations falling within regulation 3(a), (b), (c) and (e), specifying that these are expected not to be exceeded for standard procedures when good and normal practice regarding diagnostic and technical performance is applied;

(h)procedures for determining whether the practitioner or operator is required to effect one or more of the matters set out in regulation 7(4) including criteria on how to effect those matters and in particular procedures for the use of dose constraints established by the employer for biomedical and medical research programmes falling within regulation 3(d) where no direct medical benefit for the individual is expected from the exposure;

(i)procedures for the giving of information and written instructions as referred to in regulation 7(5);

(j)procedures for the carrying out and recording of an evaluation for each medical exposure including, where appropriate, factors relevant to patient dose;

(k)procedures to ensure that the probability and magnitude of accidental or unintended doses to patients from radiological practices are reduced so far as reasonably practicable.