The Scottish Parliament (Elections etc.) Order 1999

Taxation of returning officer’s accounts

19.—(1) An application for the accounts to be taxed shall be made to the Auditor of the Court of Session.

(2) On any such application the Auditor has jurisdiction to tax the account in such manner and at such time and place as he thinks fit, and finally to determine the amount payable to the constituency returning officer or, as the case may be, regional returning officer.

(3) On any such application the returning officer may apply to the Auditor to examine any claim made by any person against him in respect of matters charged in the account; and the Auditor, after notice given to the claimant and after giving him an opportunity to be heard and to tender any evidence, may allow or disallow or reduce the claim objected to with or without costs; and the determination of the Auditor shall be final for all purposes and against all persons.