Failure of parties to attend at hearing

25.—(1) If a party fails to attend or be represented at a hearing of which he has been duly notified, the Tribunal may:–

(a)unless it is satisfied that there is sufficient reason for such absence, hear and determine the appeal in the party’s absence; or

(b)adjourn the hearing;

and may make such order as to costs as it thinks fit.

(2) Before deciding to dispose of any appeal in the absence of a party, the Tribunal shall consider any representations in writing submitted by that party in response to the notice of hearing and, for the purpose of this regulation, the notice of appeal and any reply shall be treated as representations in writing.

(3) Where an appellant has failed to attend a hearing of which he was duly notified, and the Tribunal has disposed of the appeal, no fresh appeal may be made by the appellant to the Tribunal against the same disputed decision without the prior leave of the Tribunal.