Directions in preparation for a hearing

15.—(1) The Tribunal may at any time, on the application of a party or of its own motion, give such directions (including the issue of a witness summons) as are provided in this Part of these Regulations to enable the parties to prepare for the hearing or to assist the Tribunal to determine the issues:

(2) An application by a party for directions shall be made in writing to the Tribunal and, unless it is accompanied by the written consent of the other party, shall be served by the Tribunal on the other party. If the other party objects to the directions sought, the Tribunal shall consider the objection and, if it considers it necessary for the determination of the application, shall give the parties an opportunity of appearing before it.

(3) A direction shall include a statement of the possible consequences for the appeal, as provided by regulation 19, of a party’s failure to comply with the direction within the time allowed by the Tribunal.