The Scotland Act 1998 (Consequential Modifications) (No.2) Order 1999

Environment Act 1995 (c. 25)

120.—(1) The Environment Act 1995 is amended as follows.

(2) In section 31 (guidance on sustainable development and other aims and objectives)–

(a)in subsections (5), (6) and (7), for “each House of Parliament”, “either House” and “Parliament”, as the case may be, there is substituted “the Scottish Parliament”;

(b)in subsection (5) “or, if the draft is laid on different days, the later of the two days.” is omitted; and

(c)in subsection (7) “ during which both Houses are” is omitted.

(3) In section 42(7) (approval of charging schemes), after “charging scheme” there is inserted “submitted by the Agency”.

(4) In the following sections “in the case of the Agency only,” is inserted in the places indicated–

(a)in sections 44(1) (general financial duties) and 48(2) (borrowing powers), at the beginning of paragraph (b) in each subsection;

(b)in section 45(2) (accounts and records), after “appropriate Ministers have”;

(c)in sections 47 (grants to the new agencies), 49(1) (government loans to the new agencies) and 50(1) (government guarantees of a new Agency’s borrowing), after “appropriate Minister may,”; and

(d)in section 49(2), after “that Minister may”.

(5) In section 44 (general financial duties)–

(a)in subsection (3)–

(i)“the Treasury and” is omitted;

(ii)after “a new Agency,” there is inserted “and, in the case of the Agency only, after consultation with Treasury,”; and

(b)in subsection (4), after “Treasury” there is inserted “(in the case of the Agency only)”.

(6) In section 50(4), after “direction under this subsection” there is inserted “in the case of the Agency only”.

(7) In section 98 (1) (grants for purposes conducive to conservation), after “ Treasury” there is inserted “ as respects England and Wales”.