3.—(1) The following provisions of the Family Law Act 1996 shall come into force on 1st October 1997:

(a)Part IV (Family Homes and Domestic Violence) except section 60,

(b)section 66(1) (minor and consequential amendments), so far as it relates to Part III of Schedule 8,

(c)section 66(2) (transitional provisions), so far as it relates to paragraphs 7 to 15 of Schedule 9, and

(d)section 66(3) (repeals), so far as it relates to the entries in Schedule 10 in respect of—

(i)the Domestic Violence and Matrimonial Proceedings Act 1976(1),

(ii)sections 16 to 18 and 28(2) of, and paragraph 53 of Schedule 2 to, the Domestic Proceedings and Magistrates' Courts Act 1978(2),

(iii)the Matrimonial Homes Act 1983(3),

(iv)section 34(2) of, and paragraph 37 of Schedule 2 to, the Administration of Justice Act 1985(4),

(v)paragraph 56 of Schedule 2 to the Housing (Consequential Provisions) Act 1985(5),

(vi)paragraphs 33 and 34 of Schedule 17 to the Housing Act 1988(6),

(vii)section 8(4) of the Children Act 1989(7),

(viii)section 58(10) of, and paragraph 21 of Schedule 18 to, the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990(8), and

(ix)paragraph 3 of the Schedule to the Private International Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1995(9).