Rule 82


1.  The petition should be settled with sufficient particularity to enable the reviewing authority to identify clearly the matters relied upon, and set out in such manner as to be reasonably easily understood.

2.  The petition should not contain grounds of appeal unless it is considered that such grounds are properly arguable.

3.  The petition should not contain any factual inaccuracy.

4.  Any allegation of fact in the petition should be based on evidence identified in the petition.

5.  The petition should not contain a suggestion that a person (other than the accused) is guilty of impropriety, crime, fraud or misconduct unless such an allegation goes to a matter in issue which is material to the accused’s case and is supported by evidence identified in the petition.

6.  Any proposition of law should be supported by references to any relevant authority, and all such authorities must be cited in the petition with sufficient particularity to identify them.