The combined area

3.  The areas of the following councils, namely the councils of the cities of Portsmouth and Southampton and Hampshire County Council shall be combined and shall become the combined area.

Combined Fire Authority

4.—(1) There shall be constituted as the fire authority for the combined area an authority to be known as the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority.

(2) The Authority shall be constituted in accordance with the provisions of Part III.

Fire brigade for combined area

5.—(1) There shall be established a fire brigade for the combined area which shall be known as the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, or by such other name as the Authority may determine.

(2) The first chief officer of the fire brigade shall be M. Eastwood Esq.

(3) The Authority shall submit an establishment scheme for their area to the Secretary of State in accordance with section 7 of the Fire Services Act 1959(1).

Financial provisions etc.

6.—(1) The expenses of the Authority shall be paid out of a combined fire service fund constituted and administered in accordance with the provisions of Part IV.

(2) Contributions shall be paid into the combined fire service fund by constituent authorities in accordance with the said provisions.

7.  The Authority shall appoint a treasurer of the combined fire service fund.

Officers and employees

8.  The provisions of Part V shall have effect with respect to officers and employees of the Authority.

9.  The Authority may appoint such other officers and employees as they think necessary for the efficient discharge of their functions.

10.  The Authority may make arrangements with any constituent authority for the use by the Authority of the services of officers and employees of the constituent authority and for the making of contracts and payments on behalf of the Authority by the constituent authority.