The Jobseeker’s Allowance Regulations 1996

Amount payable

164.—(1) The amount payable to a share fisherman by way of a contribution-based jobseeker’s allowance shall be calculated in accordance with regulations 79 to 81 (weekly amounts of contribution-based jobseekers allowance, deductions in respect of earnings and payments by way of pensions) and this regulation, and Part XI (part-weeks) shall not apply.

(2) Regulations 79 to 81 shall apply in respect of share fishermen so that the amount payable is calculated by reference to earnings earned and pension payments received in the benefit week.

(3) In this regulation “benefit week” means–

(a)in respect of the week in which the claim is made, the period of 7 days beginning with the date of claim; and

(b)in respect of any subsequent week, the period of 7 days beginning with the day after the last day of the previous benefit week.