The Radioactive Material (Road Transport) (Great Britain) Regulations 1996

Duties of driver during transport

36.  The driver of a vehicle transporting radioactive material:

(a)shall exercise reasonable care to ensure that none of the material shall in the course of transport be lost, or escape or be unlawfully removed from the vehicle or from any package;

(b)shall not without reasonable cause leave the vehicle unattended in a place to which the public has access;

(c)shall not park the vehicle for a continuous period of longer than one hour in any place, unless when it is parked there is a clear space of at least 2 metres on both sides and at both ends of the vehicle, or unless the only radioactive material in the vehicle is contained in excepted packages, industrial packages or Type A packages bearing category I-WHITE labels in accordance with Schedules 18 and 19; and

(d)keep on the vehicle the transport document issued in accordance with regulation 27 or 28 until the package to which the document relates has been delivered to the consignee.