The Town and Country Planning (General Development Procedure) Order 1995


23.—(1) An applicant who wishes to appeal to the Secretary of State under section 78 of the Act (right to appeal against planning decisions and failure to take such decisions) shall give notice of appeal to the Secretary of State by—

(a)serving on him, within the time limit specified in paragraph (2), a form obtained from him, together with such of the documents specified in paragraph (3) as are relevant to the appeal; and

(b)serving on the local planning authority a copy of the form mentioned in paragraph (a), as soon as reasonably practicable, together with a copy of any relevant documents mentioned in paragraph (3)(e).

(2) The time limit mentioned in paragraph (1) is six months from—

(a)the date of the notice of the decision or determination giving rise to the appeal;

(b)the expiry of the period specified in article 20 or, as the case may be, article 21; or

(c)in a case in which the authority have served a notice on the applicant in accordance with article 3(2) that they require further information, and he has not provided the information, the date of service of that notice,

or such longer period as the Secretary of State may, at any time, allow.

(3) The documents mentioned in paragraph (1) are—

(a)the application made to the local planning authority which has occasioned the appeal;

(b)all plans, drawings and documents sent to the authority in connection with the application;

(c)all correspondence with the authority relating to the application;

(d)any certificate provided to the authority under article 7;

(e)any other plans, documents or drawings relating to the application which were not sent to the authority;

(f)the notice of the decision or determination, if any;

(g)if the appeal relates to an application for approval of certain matters in accordance with a condition on a planning permission, the application for that permission, the plans submitted with that application and the planning permission granted.