The Local Government Residuary Body (England) Order 1995

Acquisition and disposal of land

16.—(1) The Residuary Body may, with the consent of the Sectetary of State, acquire by agreement any land required by it for carrying out its functions

(2) Any disposal by the Residuary Body of land in pursuance of article 15(1) shall be sucject to article 17, to the same restrictions as those imposed by subsections (2) and (2A) of section 123 of the 1972 Act(1)in the case of disposals by a principal council under subsection (1) of that section and to any other restrictions to which it is subject by virtue of the following provisions of this Part.


Section 129(2A) was inserted by paragraph 14 of Schedule 23 to the Local Government, Planning and Land Act 1980 (c. 65).