The Health and Safety Information for Employees (Modifications and Repeals) Regulations 1995


Column 1Column 2
EnactmentExtent of repeal
Petroleum (Consolidation) Act 1928.(1).Section 2(4).
Factories Act 1961(2).In section 121(1)(f), the word “and”.
In section 121(1), paragraph (g).
In section 125(2)(j), the words “notices, special regulations”.
In section 127(2)(j), the words “notices, special regulations”.
In section 127(5), the words “and copies of special regulations or the prescribed abstract of such regulations to be kept posted up on the premises”and the words from “and copies of the regulations”to the end of the subsection.
Section 138.
Section 139.
Offices, Shops and Railway Premises Act 1963(3).Section 46(9).
In section 63(2) the reference to section 46(9).

1928 c. 32; section 2(4) was amended by section 11(8) of, and Part II of the Schedule to, the Criminal Damage Act 1971 (c. 48) and by S.I. 1974/1942.


1961 c. 34; relevant amendments are sections 10 and 29(4) of, and Part I of Schedule 3 and Part II of Schedule 7 to, the Employment Act 1989 (c. 38) and S.I. 1989/682.


1963 c. 41; to which there are amendements not relevant to these Regulations.