The Bovine Embryo (Collection, Production and Transfer) Regulations 1995

Production of bovine embryos in vitro

12.  No person shall produce or process a bovine embryo in vitro unless—

(a)he is a member of a production team approved under regulation 7;

(b)he is the production team veterinarian or acting under his authority;

(c)the bovine embryo is produced in accordance with Schedule 7 using semen from a donor sire which, at the time of semen collection, was standing at a semen collection centre as defined in article 2.b of Council Directive 88/407/EEC or, in the case of bovine embryos not intended for intra-Area trade, using semen which was eligible for distribution or sale in Great Britain at the time of fertilisation;

(d)the donor cow complies with the requirements of Schedule 5.