Chapter 1General requirements for food premises (other than those specified in Chapter III)

1.  Food premises must be kept clean and maintained in good repair and condition.

2.  The layout, design, construction and size of food premises shall—

(a)permit adequate cleaning and/or disinfection;

(b)be such as to protect against the accumulation of dirt, contact with toxic materials, the shedding of particles into food and the formation of condensation or undesirable mould on surfaces;

(c)permit good food hygiene practices, including protection against cross contamination between and during operations, by foodstuffs, equipment, materials, water, air supply or personnel and external sources of contamination such as pests; and

(d)provide, where necessary, suitable temperature conditions for the hygienic processing and storage of products.

3.  An adequate number of washbasins must be available, suitably located and designated for cleaning hands. An adequate number of flush lavatories must be available and connected to an effective drainage system. Lavatories must not lead directly into rooms in which food is handled.

4.  Washbasins for cleaning hands must be provided with hot and cold (or appropriately mixed) running water, materials for cleaning hands and for hygienic drying. Where necessary, the provisions for washing food must be separate from the hand-washing facility.

5.  There must be suitable and sufficient means of natural or mechanical ventilation. Mechanical air flow from a contaminated area to a clean area must be avoided. Ventilation systems must be so constructed as to enable filters sand other parts requiring cleaning or replacement to be readily accessible.

6.  All sanitary conveniences within food premises shall be provided with adequate natural or mechanical ventilation.

7.  Food premises must have adequate natural and/or artificial lighting.

8.  Drainage facilities must be adequate for the purpose intended; they must be designed and constructed to avoid the risk of contamination of foodstuffs.

9.  Adequate changing facilities for personnel must be provided where necessary.