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    The Children (Secure Accommodation) AmendmentRegulations 19951995 No. 1398UK Statutory Instruments
    The Vehicle Excise Duty (Designation of Small Islands) Order 19951995 No. 1397UK Statutory Instruments
    Act of Sederunt (Rules of the Court of Session 1994 Amendment No.2) (Fees of Solicitors) 19951995 No. 1396 (S. 105)UK Statutory Instruments
    Act of Sederunt (Fees of Solicitors in the Sheriff Court) (Amendment) 19951995 No. 1395 (S. 104)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Food Protection (Emergency Prohibitions) (Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning) Order 19951995 No. 1388 (S. 103)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Building (Approved Inspectors etc.) (Amendment) Regulations 19951995 No. 1387UK Statutory Instruments
    The Contracting Out (Functions of the Official Receiver) Order 19951995 No. 1386UK Statutory Instruments
    The Value Added Tax (Special Provisions) Order 1995 (Amendment) Order 19951995 No. 1385UK Statutory Instruments
    The Medicines (Products Other Than Veterinary Drugs) (Prescription Only) Amendment Order 19951995 No. 1384UK Statutory Instruments
    The Curfew Order (Responsible Officer) (City of Manchester, Reading and Norfolk) Order 19951995 No. 1379UK Statutory Instruments
    The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 (Commencement No. 7) Order 19951995 No. 1378 (C. 29)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Local Government (Direct Labour Organisations) (Competition) (Amendment) (Crown Courts) Regulations 19951995 No. 1377UK Statutory Instruments
    The Measuring Instruments (EEC Requirements) (Fees) (Amendment) Regulations 19951995 No. 1376UK Statutory Instruments
    The Public Telecommunication System Designation (Mercury Personal Communications Limited) Order 19951995 No. 1375UK Statutory Instruments
    The Finance Act 1995, section 24, (Appointed Day) Order 19951995 No. 1374 (C. 28)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Inshore Fishing (Prohibition of Fishing for Cockles) (Scotland) Order 19951995 No. 1373 (S. 102)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Dairy Products (Hygiene) (Scotland) Regulations 19951995 No. 1372 (S. 101)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Motor Vehicles (Off Road Events) Regulations 19951995 No. 1371UK Statutory Instruments
    The Deposit-takers (Interest Payments) (Discretionary or Accumulation Trusts) Regulations 19951995 No. 1370UK Statutory Instruments
    The Plant Health (Great Britain) (Amendment) Order 19951995 No. 1358UK Statutory Instruments

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