Registration of producers

12.—(2) For the purposes of this Scheme, a company registered under the Companies Acts, a society registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Acts, a regional or district council, or other corporate body, or an institution, or a firm, producing milk, shall be deemed to be a single producer.

(3) Where, by reason of a registered producer dying or becoming subject to some legal disability or entering into a composition or a scheme of arrangement with his creditors, the property in, or the control of, any business of producing milk is transferred from him to a personal representative, trustee, committee or other person, such personal representative, trustee, committee or other person shall, until he has disposed of the property in or control of such business of producing milk, be deemed to be a registered producer for all the purposes of this Scheme and shall apply for registration as such.

Provided that on the day of the transfer and for three months thereafter the personal representative, trustee, committee, or other person may do, without being registered, anything, in relation to the business so transferred, requiring to be done under this Scheme, which the registered producer might have done.

(4) Within one month of Vesting Day the Board shall publish in such manner as they think fit a notice publicising the existence of the register and the place at, the hours during, and the days on which it may be inspected. The register shall be open for inspection at the office of the Board at any reasonable time during the days on which the office is open for business.

(5) A copy of the register, or any part thereof, shall be furnished by the Board to any person demanding it, within a period of ten days from the date on which the demand is received by the Board, on payment to the Board of a fee to be determined by the Board which reasonably compensates the Board for the cost of furnishing the information.