The Coal and Other Safety-Lamp Mines (Explosives) Regulations 1993

Control of explosives and containers of explosives

10.—(1) No person shall issue or take control of any container of explosives except in connection with his duties at the mine.

(2) No person except–

(a)a shotfirer;

(b)a trainee shotfirer;

(c)(subject to regulation 22(2)(a)) a person authorised in writing by the manager for the purpose; or

(d)a person present for the purpose of–

(i)examining defective or deteriorating explosives, or

(ii)giving specialist technical advice about explosives,

and competent to handle same,

shall open any container of explosives or handle any explosives.

(3) Any person who has been issued with a container holding explosives shall keep the explosives concerned in his personal possession or under his direct control–

(a)until he has used them or returned those which remain to an explosives store;

(b)until he has given them to a shotfirer or trainee shotfirer with a view to their being used in shotfiring operations;

(c)unless he has deposited them at a place designated by the manager pursuant to regulation 7(3) or (6); or

(d)unless he has given them to a person above ground who has been appointed by the manager to receive unused explosives pending their immediate transfer to an explosives store.

(4) The manager shall make suitable arrangements to provide for the adequate control of any explosives left unused at the end of a shotfirer’s period of duty.