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    Church of England (Legal Aid) Rules 19931993 No. 1840UK Statutory Instruments
    Ecclesiastical Judges and Legal Officers (Fees) Order 19931993 No. 1842UK Statutory Instruments
    Legal Officers (Annual Fees) Order 19931993 No. 1843UK Statutory Instruments
    Parochial Fees Order 19931993 No. 1844UK Statutory Instruments
    The Army, Air Force and Naval Discipline Acts (Continuation) Order 19931993 No. 1804UK Statutory Instruments
    The Assisted Areas (Amendment) Order 19931993 No. 1894UK Statutory Instruments
    The Assisted Areas Order 19931993 No. 1877UK Statutory Instruments
    The Cardiothoracic Centre–Liverpool National Health Service Trust (Establishment) Amendment Order 19931993 No. 1811UK Statutory Instruments
    The Channel Tunnel (International Arrangements) Order 19931993 No. 1813UK Statutory Instruments
    The Civil Courts (Amendment) Order 19931993 No. 1809 (L. 15)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Civil Defence (General Local Authority Functions) Regulations 19931993 No. 1812UK Statutory Instruments
    The Colleges of Further Education (Changes of Names) (Scotland) Order 19931993 No. 1891 (S. 219)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Companies Act 1989 (Recognised Supervisory Bodies) (Periodical Fees) Regulations 19931993 No. 1881UK Statutory Instruments
    The Confiscation of the Proceeds of Drug Trafficking (Designated Countries and Territories) (Scotland) Amendment Order 19931993 No. 1806 (S. 216)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Criminal Justice (International Co-operation) Act 1990 (Enforcement of Overseas Forfeiture Orders) (Scotland) Amendment Order 19931993 No. 1807 (S. 217)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Development Board for Rural Wales (Transfer of Housing Stock) Regulations 19931993 No. 1808UK Statutory Instruments
    The Diocesan Chancellorship Regulations 19931993 No. 1841UK Statutory Instruments
    The Disclosure of Interests in Shares (Amendment) Regulations 19931993 No. 1819UK Statutory Instruments
    The Double Taxation Relief (Taxes on Income) (Ghana) Order 19931993 No. 1800UK Statutory Instruments
    The Double Taxation Relief (Taxes on Income) (India) Order 19931993 No. 1801UK Statutory Instruments

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