The Further and Higher Education Act 1992 (Commencement No. 1 and Transitional Provisions) Order 1992

SCHEDULE 1Provisions coming into force on 6th May 1992.

Provisions of the ActSubject matter of the provisions
Section 1The Further Education Funding Councils
Section 5(5), (6), (7) and (8)Administration of funds by councils
Section 6(2), (3) and (4)Administration of funds: supplementary
Section 7Grants to councils
Section 8Supplementary functions
Section 14(1) to (4) for the purposes of the provisions specified in this ScheduleMeaning of “further education” and “secondary education”
Section 15(1), (2), (3), (5), (6) and (7)Initial incorporation of existing institutions
Section 17“Further education corporation” and “operative date”
Section 28Designation of institutions
Section 29Government and conduct of designated institutions
Section 30Special provision for voluntary aided sixth form colleges
Section 31Designated institutions conducted by companies
Section 32Transfer of property, etc. to designated institutions
Section 33Provisions supplementary to section 32
Section 39Control of disposals of land
Section 40Wrongful disposals of land
Section 41Control of contracts
Section 42Wrongful contracts
Section 43Remuneration of employees
Section 54(1)Duty to give information to the Further Education Funding Councils
Section 56Directions
Section 57(3) to (6) so far as it applies to the Further Education Funding CouncilsIntervention in the event of breach of duty
Section 59(3), (4) and (5)Reorganisations, affecting provision for further education, of schools
Section 61Interpretation of Part I
Section 62The Higher Education Funding Councils
Section 64Transitional arrangements
Section 67(2) to (5)Payments in respect of persons employed in provision of higher or further education
Section 68Grants to councils
Section 69Supplementary functions
Section 70Assessment of quality of education provided by institutions
Section 71Higher education corporations: constitution and conduct
Section 72Further power of designation
Section 73Government and conduct of designated institutions
Section 75Variation of trust deeds
Section 76Power to award degrees, etc.
Section 77Use of “university” in title of institution
Section 78Financial years of higher education corporations
Section 79Duty to give information to the funding councils
Section 80Dissolution of Council for National Academic Awards
Section 81Directions
Section 82Joint exercise of functions
Section 83Efficiency studies
Section 84Effect of agreements made before date of transfer
Section 86Temporary exclusion of section 5 of Data Protection Act 1984 in relation to data transferred to new bodies
Section 88Stamp Duty
Section 89Orders, regulations and directions
Section 90Interpretation
Section 91Interpretation of Education Acts
Section 92Index
Section 94Short title, commencement, etc
Schedule 1The Further and Higher Education Funding Councils
Schedule 3Calculation of enrolment numbers
Schedule 6New Schedule 7A to the Education Reform Act 1988
Paragraphs 1, 9, 13(1) and (2)(a) but only in relation to references to “further education” in provisions of the Act as they are brought into force, 18, 27, 31, 32(b), 34, 36(a), 37(b), 38, 43, 48, 50 (so far as it relates to section 219(2)(e) of the Education Reform Act 1988 only), 51, 54, 56(b) and (c), 59, 61 to 65, 68, 75, 76, 78, 79, 84, 85, 87, 88 and 93(b) of Schedule 8, and section 93(1) so far as it relates to those provisions.Minor and consequential amendments
Schedule 9 so far as it relates to the repeals of the following provisions of the Education Reform Act 1988: sections 122(2) to (5), section 129(3) and (4), section 136(3) to (7), in section 137(2) “or 129(3)”, section 156 (so far as it relates to institutions designated under section 129 of the Education Reform Act 1988), 219(2)(e), 227(2) to (4), in section 232(3) “or 227”, in section 232(4)(b) “227”, paragraph 19 of Schedule 7, and section 93(2) so far as it relates to those provisions.Repeals