Liferaft Fittings

3.5  The liferaft shall be fitted with water pockets complying with the following requirements:

3.5.1 The cross-sectional area of the pockets shall be in the shape of an isosceles triangle with the base of the triangle attached to the underside of the liferaft;

3.5.2 The design shall be such that the pockets fill to approximately 60% of capacity within 15–25 seconds of deployment;

3.5.3 The pockets shall normally have aggregate capacity of between 125 litres and 150 litres for inflatable liferafts up to and including the 10 person size;

3.5.4 The pockets to be fitted on liferafts certified to carry more than 10 persons shall have as far as practicable an aggregate capacity of (12 × N) litres, where N = Number of persons carried;

3.5.5 The pockets shall be attached on all their sides to each of the upper and lower surfaces of the buoyancy tubes; and

3.5.6 The pockets shall be distributed symmetrically round the circumference of the liferaft with sufficient separation between each pocket to enable air to escape readily.