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    The Trustee Investments (Additional Powers) Order 19911991 No. 999UK Statutory Instruments
    The Broadcasting Act 1990 (Isle of Man) (No. 2) Order 19911991 No. 998UK Statutory Instruments
    The Spain (Extradition) (Dependent Territories) Order 19911991 No. 997UK Statutory Instruments
    The Consular Fees (Amendment) Order 19911991 No. 996UK Statutory Instruments
    The Child Abduction and Custody (Parties to Conventions) Order 19911991 No. 995UK Statutory Instruments
    The Naval Medical Compassionate Fund (Amendment) Order 19911991 No. 994UK Statutory Instruments
    The Portsmouth Mile End Quay Harbour Revision Order 19911991 No. 993UK Statutory Instruments
    House of Commons Member’s Fund Resolution 19911991 No. 992UK Statutory Instruments
    The Employment Code of Practice (Trade Union Ballots on Industrial Action) Order 19911991 No. 989UK Statutory Instruments
    The Caribbean Territories (Abolition of Death Penalty for Murder) Order 19911991 No. 988UK Statutory Instruments
    The Gaming Clubs (Hours and Charges) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 19911991 No. 987 (S. 106)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Gaming Act (Variation of Monetary Limits) (Scotland) Order 19911991 No. 986 (S. 105)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Courts and Legal Services Act 1990 (Commencement No. 4) Order 19911991 No. 985UK Statutory Instruments
    The Slaughterhouses (Hygiene) and Meat Inspection (Amendment) Regulations 19911991 No. 984UK Statutory Instruments
    The Local Government Finance (Consequential Amendment) Order 19911991 No. 983UK Statutory Instruments
    The Houses in Multiple Occupation (Charges for Registration Schemes) Regulations 19911991 No. 982UK Statutory Instruments
    The Petroleum (Production) (Landward Areas) Regulations 19911991 No. 981UK Statutory Instruments
    The Immigration (Variation of Leave) (Revocation) Order 19911991 No. 980UK Statutory Instruments
    The Community Charges (Notices) (Substitute Charges) (England) Regulations 19911991 No. 979UK Statutory Instruments
    Inspection of Premises, Children and Records (Independent Schools) Regulations 19911991 No. 975UK Statutory Instruments

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